Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day 2.0

Today is my first ever work from home day (well if you don't count my old nanny days.)  My company supplied me with a laptop and after battling with IT last night and this morning, I was up and running!  I even made a nice little work station for myself at my dining room table in hopes of being able to stave off distractions and keep working.

Well I won't lie, it's been slow.  Monday was madness so I expected the same today, but I think after just having a storm a lot of doctor's offices decided to just close instead of dealing with the weather.  That and it's only 12:11 pm on the east coast which means my west coast clients should be starting to hassle me soon!

As of right now I'm enjoying some cookies that are left over from Monday's snow day!  They're brown sugar cookies and I made them because Jim was begging for cookies and they required exactly what I had in the house, for the most part...  1- they needed cinnamon, which I thought I had.  However, when I measured it out and went to pour it in I realized it had an awful smell.... it was actually Cumin!  Thank God I didn't dump that in.  So the cookies went without cinnamon, which was fine since Jim doesn't really care for it.  2- I have no vanilla in the house. *face palm* what kind of a baker doesn't have vanilla in the house?  I swear we must have a ghost because I know we had cinnamon, vanilla, and almost extract, all of which are now missing!  So what did I do to improvise on the vanilla?  I thought I would just go without it but I could see the batter needed something to moisten it up.  Queue the chocolate syrup.  I'd guestimate about 3 tablespoons worth.  Clearly not even close to vanilla but it did moisten up the batter and did give it a nice chocolaty flavor. 

Here is the actual recipe, if you'd like to try it!  They have a slight crunch on the outside but as so chewy and have almost a caramel flavor from the brown sugar and melted butter.  Delicious indeed! 

How's everyone else fairing in the world today?  Lots of people snowed in?  Anyone stuck working from home like me?  Stay safe and stay warm!

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