Thursday, February 27, 2014

Easter Egg {Pinterest} FAIL

This weekend I visited my parents in PA.  I've definitely inherited my mom's love for crafting and she wanted to work on a project with me.  She had seen an Easter egg tutorial on Pinterest and wanted to try it out.  She already had the eggs, the mod podge, and the twine, of course, I was in!

We set everything out on the kitchen table and got to work!

The idea is to cover the egg in mod podge, and wrap it with twine.  The tutorial she had found is different than the one I found, but it had told her that the best idea was to start in the middle of the egg and work to one end, then go back to the middle and work to the other end.  Boy oh boy, do I wish we had found the tutorial listed above before we tried making these.  Looking back it makes sense to start at the top and make your way down, because all we did was struggle!  It was hard to keep the lines of twine tight together and they kept slipping apart because of the shape of the eggs. 

We got more glue on our fingers than on the eggs and quite a few curses were exchanged.  At first, the struggle was only on my side but soon my mom was understanding my frustrations as well.  It took us about 15 minutes to do one egg each and we were so frazzled by the experience that we wrapped everything up and went to watch TV instead. 

(Our pitiful, finished products)

I'd like to give it another shot but for now this was definitely a pinterest FAIL.  I'm glad we tried, and I will try the new way, eventually, but even just writing this (nearly 5 days later) I can feel myself getting frustrated. 

Have any of you tried to make these eggs?
Do you have any suggestions for Easter related crafts that are helpful/do work?


  1. I have the same experiences. Everything on Pinterest looks so simple and pretty and when I try it out, it ends up being a complete fail! The eggs turned out nice though, I like the way they look! Definitely not as bad as some of the other fails I've seen.

    May from La Vie En May

    1. Thankfully they turned out well, and hopefully we'll give it another shot. I love the recipes and they usually turn out well, but I have yet to have a 100% successful pinterest craft. Doesn't stop me from trying though, I like I'm a glutten for punishment!