Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Resolutions into Results!

I mentioned yesterday that I would be posting details today about the 
challenge group I'm co-hosting today.  Let me start by asking this:

Does this sound like you?? (I know this use to be me!!)

I want to lose weight but..
I'll wait till Monday.
I'll wait till New Year's (guess what, it's a new year!)
I'll wait till Spring
I'll wait till Summer.

I know I need to do something about my health and fitness but....
I'll wait till schools out.
I'll wait till I have more time.
I'll wait till I have more money.
I'll wait till...........

I was so good at talking myself out of getting serious about my health and fitness!! I would make excuse after excuse!! (I think I was really afraid of failure, so I would just never start.)

Can you relate??

If you would like to do something about losing weight and getting serious about getting healthier and more fit, I would love to share my experience with you!! I would love to join you in your own personal journey of changing your lifestyle to a healthier one focused on getting fit and making better choices.
2016 is almost here and we all know the #1 New Year's Resolution is to lose weight or start working out.

Want to be able to actually keep that New Year's Resolution in 2016??
Want to be able to reach your goals in 2016??
Want someone to come along beside you and support you along the way??

If you answered YES to these questions I would love to help you!!

I know what it is like to not be able to reach my weight loss goals, be so busy that you don't have enough time to workout or eat healthy. I know what if feels like to know you are going to fail before you ever start!!

It does not have to be this way. You CAN reach your goals!! You CAN lose the weight you want!! You CAN get into the best shape of your life!! You CAN believe in yourself again!!

Let's start 2016 off prepared to reach our goals!! Let's support each other along the way!! Let's realize that WE ARE WORTH WORKING ON!! You will NEVER know what you can achieve unless you TRY!! NO MORE EXCUSES!

By clikcing YES to this invite, I will know you're serious and want to join my January- Turn Resolutions into Results Challenge Group!! I'll send you all the specific details but here are the basics:

30 minute work outs- at home!
Meal Plans


Here are the details!

It's a facebook challenge group.  It's private!  Everyone in the group will be following the same workout plan and nutrition system.  I will be your personal coach so you can come to me anytime you need help getting through a work out, starting a workout, or planning a meal!  But you'll also have the group- people who are going through what you're going through and working towards similar goals as you!  We will all motivate each other to turn our new years resolutions into results!

You can comment here, message me on my facebook "like" page, or email me (jcook5909@gmail.com) and I will discuss adding you into the group.  Since it's private- meaning anything we post will only be for our eyes, it won't go on your facebook wall for all of your friends to see- I'll have to add you into the group.

You'll also need to purchase the challenge pack.

The group starts on 1/4/2016 so time is running out to order, and it is free shipping right now so I suggest ordering soon!  The first week will be meal planning and support mostly as I suspect everyone will be receiving their packs on different days- it all depends on when you order!  We'll start working on on 1/12/2016, or earlier if you'd like.  I'm currently in my 2nd round of the 21 day fix and I feel amazing but I'm a big girl so I'm sure I will have to do several rounds to get the final results that I want!  Fitness is a journey, not a destination.  I'm in this for the long haul!  And I'm here to help you with any goal fitness and health goal you have for the coming year!

If you're already in good shape but want to really chisel your body I have another group that's just for you!  You'll need to purchase this challenge.  I'm honestly not doing this pack yet, but I'm still here to help you with your nutrition and to stay steady in  your work outs!

Let me know which group you want to join and I'll be there to help you through 
every step of this journey!

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Making changes!

Hey Everyone!
It's been quite a while since I've been here.  Mostly because after being soooooo open about my personal struggles I finally reached the point of over sharing and needed to take a step back.
The last year has been pretty incredible- I've been doing things that I want to do and best of all doing things that I NEED to do.  One of those things is getting healthy!
You've all seen me struggling to get to the gym and watch what I eat.  I'm not going to lie- I've started, given up, and restarted this many times, probably at least 30 times since I was about 10!  But now I'm READY!  I'm ready to stop the yoyo affect and make an official and permanent change!
Along with my regular M-F 8-5 job, I'm not a beachbody coach!  The following is my "coming out" post from facebook that I posted a few weeks ago.  I've decided that, at least for now, posting about those recipes and workouts is what this blog is going to be all about.
From my Facebook Post
I've been overweight essentially since birth.  I've never been happy with my appearance.  I'm tired of feeling DISGUSTING 󾍆, having rolls everywhere, and being out of breath from just walking up the stairs.  
I've decided to make a CHANGE 󾔗.  I've gone back to 21 day fix, shakeology, and beachbody, after quitting earlier this year for no good reason!  After 1 round I'm already seeing results- my clothes are fitting better 󾓕, people say my face is looking thinner 󾰀, and I have way more ENERGY󾭩!  I've decided that by this time next year I will have IMPROVED 󾭞 my HEALTH 󾭞 and finally found the healthier me that's been hiding under all this flub for most of my life. 
I'm COMMITTED to 21 day fix, and other beachbody programs, because I'm committed to my HEALTH and my FUTURE. I'm going to help myself be the me I want to be. PLUS as a beachbody coach I'm going to help anyone who wants the same help and motivation that I'm giving and getting from the amazing friends, and even strangers, I've connected with through this incredible system!  
I'm looking for 3-5 people who are looking to get fit and healthy and will join me in a challenge group next month.  Who's with me? 󾍗󾍗󾍗  (sorry for all the 󾍗 symbols- blogger doesn't support my emojis!)

I'm running my first challenge group in January- Resolutions into Results!  I'll be posting more about it tomorrow but if you're interested in participating, please message me and I'll get you all the details!
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Monday, February 2, 2015


So I have been awful at keeping everything updated on the weight loss attempts and the Proclamation 31 (my goals for my 31st year!) and I really do want to get back on track with that.... but today I can only think about one thing....

Can it just be June already?
I HATE focusing on the future and feeling like I'm not living in the here and now.  BUT June is going to be huge, y'all!  3 massive weekends, that will no doubt be fabulous and fun!
1- My 32nd birthday!  I have changed to much in the past year and I'm really feeling like I'm coming into my own.  When I turned 30 and 31 I felt like my life was paused and nothing was going right, but now I feel like I'm on a good, strong path and I can't wait to see what the next year has in store for me.  I will completely enjoy the last few months of being 31 but I challenge 32 to be an even better year than I'm already having!
2- NKOTB!!  Girls weekend in NJ/NY to New Kids on the Block!  I have wanted to see them in concert since I was 5- FIVE!!!!!  I CAN NOT WAIT!
3- Dave Matthews Band!  I'm not a huge fan, but I'm going to his concert at the end of the month and I know it will be incredible.  Good music.  Good company.  Doesn't get better than that!
What are some things that are coming up in your future that you're really looking forward to?

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting back in the saddle- Weight loss Wednesday

Seeing as how one of my biggest goals for the year is to get my weight under control, it seems only fitting that my first full post of 2015 be a weight loss check in.
Last week I was completely wiped out by the flu- the FLU!  I don't think I've ever felt like that before in my life.  Even Mono wasn't as bad, and I ended up in the ER with that.  The body aches, and chills, were enough to keep me in bed for days- to the point that my mom came in to talk to me and I didn't even remember her leaving because apparently I fell asleep mid-sentence!
Needless to say, I have dropped off of my gym and health routine!  But today ends all of that!
Armed with my new misfit (see above,) a good attitude, an amazing playlist, and a bottle of water I hit the arch trainer again!  I burned over 1000 calories and I feel incredible!  I needed to get back to this.  I will never, ever understand how working out so hard can give you so much energy but this is possibly the most truthful statement I've ever heard from a movie:
I don't have a weight to report- although the last time I weighed myself I was down 6 lbs from the beginning of December.  And although I feel like I look the same I can tell you that at the beginning of December I was wearing a saggy pair of size 22 jeans and today I'm wearing a crisp new pair of size 16s!  Hooray for non scale victories!  Am I right????
Now I've got to stay focused so I can keep feeling healthy, keep losing weight, and get my ish together for the 2 5ks I signed up for when I was bored at work last week.  One is a color me rad race in Philly in May and the other is the hot chocolate run, also in Philly, but in April.  I can't wait to see how those go considering my last 5k had to be walked more than ran!
How are your 2015 goals shaping up?

Anyone on this weight loss journey too and having success?
What's your secret?

Happy Wednesday, everyone!
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Friday, January 2, 2015


There are a million things that I want to do this year!
2013 ended horribly.

2014 started out rocky but ended with me seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm not going to write a big long post about what I'm hoping to accomplish this year.  My blog will serve as a way for me to show the world what I'm doing with my life- the list can be kept on my bedroom wall where it will serve as a constant reminder.

The only thing I'm going to post here is this:

I will make this happy.
Happy 2015!

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