Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Getting emotional on periscope

I've been trying out this app called Periscope.  Is anyone else on it?
It's fun and my fellow beachbody coaches are finding it pretty useful for connecting with each other, clients, and new people who want to learn more about our programs.

Well on Monday I was super emotional.  I didn't get enough sleep.  I didn't want to go to work.  I hated the day and it was only 6 am.  I started crying during my work out!  Not because I was having trouble, although it was pushing me, but because I just had all this balled up emotion inside of me.  I hit a set back in my weight loss, I got awful news from work, I just wanted to fast forward a year or 2 and be successful already!  Needless to say it wasn't my best moment!

But then I thought it wasn't so bad to have this out there for people to see because it shows that the struggle is real and that you have to struggle in order to progress.  I'm not in crazy good shape and super successful now but I JUST STARTED!  These things take time, and that's ok!

So here is my video if you are intrigued by what I actually cried about.  You can find me on periscope at stumbling_along (sorry I couldn't figure out how to link it here!) I'd love for you to follow me and I'll be happy to follow back.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

What is Shakeology?

I'm enjoying a cafe latte shakeology for my brunch after a super intense workout- my muscles will not be sore tomorrow thanks to this protein helping me recover. But that's not all that it's got!
You see me posting pretty regularly about drinking shakeology and how much I love it but I've never really gone into WHY it's such an amazing superfood protein shake.
You would spend more than $700 on supplements, just to re-create all the healthy ingredients in one bag of Shakeology?!? YUP $700
Each glass not only has 16 grams of PROTEIN, but there are also 9 servings of FRUITS and VEGGIES, all your VITAMINS and MINERALS for the DAY (so you no longer have buy vitamins because everything you need + MORE is in your daily shake)
….BUT guess what? That's not all! There are OVER 70 SUPER FOODS in each shake you drink daily Whats a superfood?!? They're nutrient rich foods designed for optimal health & wellness.
Shakeology has truly been a life changer for me:
*it has curbed my cravings
*helped strengthen my nails and hair
*gives me the energy I need to get through the day without making me shaky
*helping me loss weight
*helps me save money by not stopping at Wawa every morning for coffee and a sizzli that provides NO nutritional value!
...and so much more!
Does your daily shake do all this?!? I bet it doesn't! Reach out to me!  I will help you get more information about shakeology and beachbody fitness products!  You can email me-, message me on my facebook like page, or leave your information on this post and I'll reach out to you!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Margarita Day is Coming!

I love how there is a "national day" for nearly everything these days!
Did you know that February 22nd is NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY?


And honestly, if I knew such a thing existed, I would have thought it was Cinco de Mayo!
You all know that I'm a proud beachbody coach and a follower of the 21 Day Fix meal plan so you may think I'm a little bummed that I can't have a Margarita since I'm watching what I eat.  Um... nope!  I deserve a treat every now and again and there are "Fix approved" recipes for nearly everything!  I got this one from the Fixate cookbook that I've mentioned before and you can purchase here.   But in the meantime, here is a fantastic recipe so you can enjoy a guilt free Margarita on 2/22/2016 or any day you need a little treat!

Skinny Margarita!

2-3 Fresh Lime Wedges
2-3 Fresh Orange Wedges
2 Tbsp. Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 Tsp. Raw Honey
1 Cup Ice
1 oz. 100% Agave Tequila
1 Splash Sweet & Sour Mixer
optional: lime slice for garnish

1. Place lime wedges, orange wedges, lime juice, and honey in the bottom of a serving glass; muddle until well mixed
2. Top with ice, tequila, and mixer.  Stir to mix
3. Garnish with a lime slice, if desired
And there you have it!  A delicious, "Fix approved," guilt free drink!
For more "fix approved" recipes check out Fixate!
If you'd like information on any other beachbody products or would like to talk about becoming a coach please head over to my facebook like page and send me a message.  I'd love to talk to you and help you reach your goals, physically and/or financially!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

21 Day Fix and Cize SALE!

Being healthy and fit, or losing weight DOESN'T have to be time consuming, expensive, or difficult!
Issue 1: TIME
*I work out at home for 30-45 minutes a day. Since I'm home, I fit this into my schedule, when my schedule allows it. Sometime that's 5 am, sometimes that's 10 pm, all that matters is that it happens!
*Working out at home means I don't have to go to a gym and I don't use a personal trainer! Instead, my team and my challengers keep me motivated AND my workout plan already teaches me the exercises I need to drop weight and sculpt my body!

Issue 2: Expense
*I drink shakeology every morning. It curbs my cravings, it keeps me full, it tastes great, and it saves me money. I used to spend $10 every morning on coffee and junk to eat for breakfast and still ended up snacking as well. That's $200 a month if you only count workdays, and of course I still went on the weekends!
*I take a few hours 1 afternoon a week (generally Sunday) and I meal prep. Because I'm planning out what I eat for the week I'm smarter while grocery shopping, only buying what I need, and I'm not eating out on a daily basis. By doing this I'm saving money, eating healthier, oh and I'm saving time by doing the majority of my cooking on one day instead of having to cook every day after work. Instead, I come home and heat up what I've already prepared.
*Having a home gym can doesn't mean spending hundreds of dollars on equipment! Ask me and I'll tell you where I got my weights and resistance band, also not pictured my balance ball. All bought on the cheap!
*Challenge packs are ON SALE! They already save you time because you don't have to go to a gym, and they save you money by helping you plan your food and you don't need a personal trainer, but now they're saving you even more because they're ON SALE!

ISSUE 3: Difficult
*While these plans are challenging they are far from difficult and if you ever were to run in to trouble I am your coach. I will stand by you, motivate you, support you, push you, and keep you on track. Plus when you participate in a challenge group, you'll be able to bounce ideas off of other people who are working out using the same program as you!

There you have it. All of the excuses, wiped out and replaced with possibilities. You've wanted to make a change. You've wanted to improve your lifestyle. With a beachbody program, you will have accountability, motivation, and support- everything you need for success! Stop waiting and start doing. Take advantage of the sale, you will not regret it!

So now the decision is yours!  

Do you want to do Cize?  A great alternative to Zumba that gets your heart pumping and the sweat rolling!  If so- order here!

Or do you want to do the 21 Day Fix?  A set of 30 minute workouts that focus on your arms, legs, cardio, yoga, and more each day?  If so- order here!

Or do you want to really push yourself and do the 21 Day Fix Extreme?  It's a step ahead of the original 21 Day Fix program.  If so- order here!

All come with meal plans, portion control containers, workouts, shakeology, and a shaker bottle!  Oh and me!  As your coach, supporter, motivator!  And if you'd like, I'll plug you into my next challenge group for extra support and accountability.

You've been watching.  You've been wondering.  It's time to do this!  I can't wait to help get you started on your own journey to fitness!