Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DIY Valentine's Day

Sometimes money is tight and other times it's just more fun to make a gift than to buy something fancy.  These ideas are from last year's V-Day (because I didn't have a blog back then) but they're still great ideas!

Everyone loves bouquets, whether they be flowers, chocolate, fruit, or cookies, but wouldn't you man want something more "manly?"  Last year I made Jim a version of a bouquet all out of things I found in the dollar store!  I started with a bucket (which is actually an inside joke not worth going into right now) then filled it with things he wanted and would love-
  1. 2 beer steins
  2. Ring pops
  3. Whoppers
  4. Mini reese's cups
  5. Slim Jim's
  6. Scooby Doo wash clothes, they're for kids and they take shape when you put them in water.  Let's be honest, men are just over grown kids!  He loves Scooby Doo and we needed wash clothes, it was his 2nd favorite gift (the beer steins were his favorite.)
  7. A mini heart shape box of Scooby Doo chocolates (really he's just a man child)
  8. His card
On the side, I made him a batch of chocolate covered bacon, which didn't turn out perfect but at least I tried and they were tastey if not beautiful!

Finally, I made our bed into a game!  I had seen this online and thought what a great idea!  You take an old sheet and draw out a game board with a sharpie, then fill in each circle with an action (ex) I love you because... or take off a piece of clothing, or back massage, etc...  Using a die borrowed from another game, ou go through the board and by the end well it's Valentine's Day, you get the idea!  It was quirky and fun and we actually had a blast being playful with it.  Check out the full instructions here!

No matter what you decide to do, get your creative juices flowing and just have fun with it.

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