Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rutgers Sweatshirts

Do you read the Wall Street Journal?
Are you interested in getting a Rutgers University hoody?
Would you like to help out this blogger?

To help makes end meet I took on a second job working for a marketing company that has a contract with the Wall Street Journal to sell subscriptions at the Rutgers men's basketball games.

Tonight I'll be heading back down to the Louis Brown Athletic Center to cheer on the boys and also get the word out about the paper, and figured why not spread the word in today's post?

Here's the deal:
  • Sign up for a subscription, $12 for 12 weeks (essentially $1 a week)
  • Get a Rutgers hoody sweatshirt as a sign up bonus (here is a close up of the shirt and a pic of my best friends wearing theirs.) 

(I get paid per subscription I sell, and that is all I'm paid for, it's completely commission based.)

That's it!  It's super simple and super easy, you can cancel anytime (I did it!)  They email you with a confirmation as well as a reminder when your subscription is close to the end so that you can either cancel or renew (renewing price goes up to $27 a month!)

I have a booth at the stadium where people can fill out the form on a tablet and we immediately hand them a sweatshirt. 

If you, or anyone you know, is ever at the game, please come over to say hi and sign up! 

If you're interested in helping me out, getting the paper, and/or getting a sweatshirt please sign up here.  (It would be a huge help to me to get some extra subscriptions!  I get that not many people want the Wall Street Journal, but if you sign up I'll get credit, you'll get a sweatshirt, and you really can cancel anytime.)  Once you've filled out the form, I will need you to email me a screen shot of the confirmation page (put WSJ Subscription as the subject) so I can show my boss proof that you signed up (see example below, sorry it's all blacked out, didn't want to broadcast my friends home address.)  Please include what size sweatshirt you would like and I will send it out first thing tomorrow morning.

Thank you so much for signing up!  It is more appreciated than you know! 
Hope you enjoy your new sweatshirt as much as I do!

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