Friday, October 18, 2013

High Five for Friday (Vol. 6)

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1.  French toast bagels!  Have you ever had one?  If you haven't, get out there and find one!  You'll be doing yourself a favor!  This one was compliments of a high school buddy that I (10+ years later) have the pleasure of working with out in the "real world."

2. Veg day!  Sunday was spent in our PJs, catching up on TV, and football.  I could not have been happier for the completely wasted day that was exactly what we needed to refuel for the week!

3.  Authentic California Salsa!  Can I be honest?  I hate salsa!!!  But I LOVE this salsa!  The mother of a coworker in our CA office makes this for us every couple of months. I've never met the woman but I pray that someday I can thank her in person for the joy that this little care package brings to our office, and always exactly when we need it!  A little piece of Mexico right here in Dirty Jersey.


4. I'm going to just go ahead and admit this right now- I'm a dork!  (I know, you already knew that!)  Well to solidify my dork status I'm excited that I discovered these this week-

That's right, facebook stickers!  Holy cuteness!  These things are awesome and have added a whole new level of fun to my chat with some girls from a local IF support group that I belong to.  Yay for adorable technology!

5. And finally, I got to have a grown up sleep over this week!  Jim went out of town with Dave, who had a conference for work in AC (lucky!) so I stayed a couple nights with Lia and baby Collin.  (I feel like it's getting to the point where no post would be complete without mentioning the Timpanaro clan haha.)  While there, I enjoyed a lovely meal prepared by my dear friend, snuggles with the baby, watching a frantic Lia try to get the cat smell out of her carpet thanks to her sick cat (BTW, if anyone has any tricks for this, please please please pass it along,) and snuggles with this lil fatty

Baby, their healthy cat, enjoyed spening the morning with me in Collin's room (which is where I slept) while I wasted time between my blood work and going to work.  It was very nice to get some time with a little furbaby!

How was your week?

Anyone have tips for getting cat smell out of furniture and carpet?


  1. Facebook stickers? Never heard of em! Going to have to check that out!

    We're salsa-holics here. Has to be homemade though. That store stuff is for the birds.

    Have a great weekend! Visiting from #H54F!


    1. Hey Falen!

      Thanks for stopping by! Homemade salsa really is the only way to go! Definitely check out the FB stickers, they're just too adorable and some of them are animated!

      Hope you had a fantastic weekend!