Wednesday, October 9, 2013

30 before 30 - Part 3

Are you ready for the 3rd and final installment of this list before I roll out my 31 x 31?  Ok!  Here we go!

21. Take a painting/drawing class
     Done!  1/8/2013 I took an Art Uncorked class, thanks to a livingsocial special it was only $25, you can't beat that!  I had a fun night on my own, sipping wine, and trying desperately to recreate the painting they gave us as inspiration, but with more color.  It didn't turn out half bad!  I hope to take another class this year, maybe even bring some friends along with me.

22.  Learn to blow dry my hair as well as Kristal (my sister in law and resident hair stylist, it's literally what she does for a living!)
     1/2 done!  I've gotten way better at it and I'm much more willing to do it but I'm still no professional.  I feel this will continue to be a life long goal.

23.  Learn to crochet.
     Technically, done.  My mom taught me how and I started to make a blanket for Collin.  Shortly after she got me started we moved back to NJ and I lost my project.  When I found it in December while unpacking in our apartment, I had completely forgotten what to do.  Me thinks this will go back on the 31 x 31 list....

24.  Get my real estate license
     I would love, love, LOVE to be a realtor.  Ever since I was little and going from house to house with my parents during our several moves, I've loved reading listings, seeing what houses have to offer, and learning what makes a house a home!  My husband is a realtor and I'd love it if we could be a team, and I'd love it even more if we could break into the big time markets around our home.  He works in downtown Jersey City which is up and coming, and booming with big prices, but I'd love to go to Hoboken or better yet NYC.  Needless to say, I didn't get to go to school for this this year, but hopefully I'll be able to go soon.

25.  See the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
     Technically I saw it back in 2009 when we were on our honeymoon in Florida, but that's quite a stretch since we was still being built.  *sigh* Maybe next year we can go back for our 5 year anniversary.

26.  Better relationships with my family
    I love my family and when we're together we're close but when we're a part it's like we don't really exist to each other.  It's hard because we live in different states and are just busy.  I wanted to make more time for them this year but only made it to Connecticut 3 times so far this year.  If I can make it there 10 times in this coming year, I'd be a very happy and satisfied lady.

27. Do at least 10 of the craft projects I've pinned on pinterest
     I've actually done a lot of the things that I've pinned over the year.  That requires a post all on it's own.  Coming Soon....

28.  Go to an NYC parade
     We had our chance at Thanksgiving, but Jim refused.  :-(

29.  Go to a big festival (i.e. Mardi Gras or a music festival)
    We didn't go to a big fancy one like the ones I listed but we did make it to NYC Little Italy's San Genaro festival in September 2012 and the AC Beer Festival in April 2013.  Both were awesome, full of good food, good drinks, and good times, I hope to be able to continue going to festivals and someday build up the really big ones!
Entrance to the Beer Festival

30.  Last but certainly not least, start a blog.
     Hmm.... you may have heard of a little something called stumbling along....  yea, that's me!  All kidding aside, I've wanted to write this for a long time.  Sometimes I just think of my car drives to and from work, or in the shower, or while I'm cooking, or anywhere really, and I'll think "hmmm.... I should write that down"  But I never did.  I signed up for this site long before I finally started to actually write, but now that I do, I couldn't be happier!

Do you have any lists of goals?  Perhaps your own 30 before 30?  Let me know, I'd love to check it out!

Stay tuned for my 31 x 31.  I'm writing out my list now and I'll be posting as I get to cross things off!

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