Friday, October 4, 2013

Cheesy Bacon Ranch Baked Chicken

**Note that all dinner recipes are portioned out for only 2-3 people, I usually have a bit left over for lunches.  You may need to double if you have a bigger family**

Last night I played with another new recipe, this one is actually Jim's creation.  It's not as healthy has the baked tilapia but it is different and it can be used with "healthier" ingredients so you won't feel quite so guilty eating it!

2 chicken breasts, cut in half
Shredded cheddar cheese
Ranch dressing
Bacon bits

1. Preheat oven to 375, grease a cooking pan
2. Arrange all 4 pieces of chicken in the pan and cover with Ranch Dressing.  I use low fat and I don't pour the whole bottle!  Just drizzle it over each piece to your liking, this is just for a little taste.
3. Sprinkle cheese over each piece, I like to put a lot on, but again do this to your preference.  Jim hates really gooey cheese, but I love it, so I do 2 with a lot and 2 with a little.
4. Sprinkle bacon bits.  I like to use the Oscar Mayer real Turkey bacon bits, but if you have time and can make your own, or you prefer another brand, more power to you!

This is what mine look like before I bake them

5. Cook for 35-45 minutes, it depends on how thick the pieces are, I strongly recommend cutting into the center of your thickest piece to be certain.

They'll be juicy, tender, and oh so tasty.  It's definitely becoming a fan favorite in the Cook household.

Here's the finished product served with brown rice and carrots,
definitely healthier sides than I put with the Tilapia!



  1. Mmmm! This looks like the perfect meal! I love the flavor combinations of cheese, ranch, and bacon bits (I use the turkey bacon bits, too!). I think I know what's for supper tonight! ;)

    Love, Joy

    1. It's perfect comfort food, especially in this cooler weather. Enjoy!!!