Friday, March 28, 2014

High Five for Friday (Vol. 24)

Hey!  High five!  It's Friday!!!  It was a good week on my end, though the blog reflects none of that!  Here's my chance to fix it! 

1. Saturday walking tour of NYC.  My friend/co-worker took me to all the "tourist traps" and we walked over 20000 steps!!!  I promise to give a full recap of the trip next week.  It was quite the adventure and I loved it!

2. Bayonne's St. Patrick's Day parade and poker- what better combination is there?  We had green beer at 11 am, stayed long enough to see my niece with her cheer leading squad, then headed over to the free poker tournaments at Winners.  I won 2!  What, what!!!

3. Spades!  Have you ever played Spades?  I had no idea how much fun it could be.  On Tuesday night we had pizza and played spades with our best friends.  To make it even better, the girls won!  Girls rule, boys drool!

4.  Wednesday I had my weekly babysitting date with my favorite munchkin.  He wasn't feeling well, which was sad, but he was super cuddly.  We laid on the couch and watched baby tv til he got comfy enough to sleep.  How could you not love a little angel, like this?!

5.  Phone chats!  I usually don't like talking on the phone but I had a 30 minute plus phone call with my best friend this morning on the ride in to work.  I love our random chats, and we don't get them often so even though the conversation was a little sad it was completely enjoyable.

How was your week?
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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