Friday, March 14, 2014

High 5 for Friday (Vol. 22)

Welcome back!  If you're here, it probably means it's Friday.  The week is over, the weekend is beginning.  Hallelujah!  It was a fairly slow week but there is still high 5-ing to be done!

1. This weekend the weather was gorgeous!  Even though I was working at Rutgers for the Wall Street Journal I wanted to be outside so badly.  When my boss turned to me and said "how about we pack up early and I treat you to lunch?" I couldn't believe it.  When he insisted saying, "it's too nice to be inside, I just want to be outside, come one let's go."  I wasn't going to refuse.  It felt so good to be back on campus and out in the sun!  I love early spring, the sun is shining, you only have to wear a sweater or a light jacket, I'm not a big beach person so for me there really isn't better weather than what we had on the east coast on Saturday!

2. Going along with #1, my boss wanted to try out the famous Rutgers Fat Sandwiches.  So I took him to one of our old stomping grounds, PJs.  I couldn't believe that the owner still recognized me!  I love going back to somewhere that was important to you and finding that you were important (even if just minutely) to it too.  Now I know that many of my fellow alumni would say that it's sacrilege to bring a Fat Sandwich virgin to a pizzeria instead of the Grease Trucks, but I trust this place, I know the workers, and I knew we wouldn't get sick, so I had to go there, please forgive me.  Feast your eyes on the heart attack in a bun that I got to devour

That's a Fat Darren- cheese steak, French fries, and mozzarella sticks on a sub!

3.  Once Upon a Time FINALLY came back on!  I'm sorry, I know I watch too much TV, but I love this show and I've waited nearly 3 months for it to come back on, it was about damn time that they got new episodes on.

4. Jim's dad took us out for dinner on Wednesday night.  I had never eaten at Mona Lisa's but it was delicious, the prices were fair, and the service was excellent.  If you're in the area and looking for good Italian food, do yourself a favor and check it out.

5.  Birthday's in Client Services are possibly the best part of being in CS.  This week we celebrated our oldest coworker, but youngest at heart, and her request was for an ice cream cake.  So of course they had to get her a Fudgie the Whale from Carvel!  I forgot how tasty those things are and I immediately felt 7 years old again, so much fun!

So there you have it!  The 5 happiest parts of my week.  How was your week?  Hope it was as good or better than mine and that you have an equally fantastic or better weekend!

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  1. I am also very excited about the weather improving - It was so nice earlier this week! And that sandwich looks amazing!!!