Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Moments Jar

As part of my 30 before 30 challenge, I tried to complete at least 10 pinterest projects last year. The happy moments jar is a challenge to write down one good thing that happened each day and put it in a jar. At the end of the year you'll be able to look back on all of the great things that happened to you. Its a great way to stay happy/grateful in the moment and also a great way to reminisce at the end of the year.
I started this before I turned 30 and didn't actually finish but I'm going to try again this year. When taking out what I had added to the jar it brought back such good memories that I wanted to share them with you and also suggest that you try keeping a jar as well. Here are the 2013 moments that made it into my jar:

January 1- Watching the Honeymooners with Jim, realizing he quotes Ralph all the time
January 2- Finally doing stuff for myself, joined meet up group and organized girls night!
January 3- Playing "power hour" by telling stories with the sisters at Aunt Cheryl's birthday party
January 4- Grateful for OT- we're having "fun" trying to figure out the damn printer
January 5- great dinner with grood friends at Cafe Bello, but definitely feeling old- all we did was talk about babies, insurance, wills, and bills.  And it was awesome!
January 6- movie and football night at the Minichiello's (my in laws) So much fun hanging out with Shanoon, planning her 30th birthday party
January 7- Blizzards from DQ while watching the BCS bowl at Dave and Lia's
January 8- My 1st painting class was awesome!
January 9- Learning to let go and enjoy time alone without worry or concern.  Jim went to poker night in Hoboken for thr 1st time and I enjoyed a night of tv, reading, and fb photo uploading
January 11- Grateful to come home to dinner made by Jim so we can go to the movies with Dave and Lia
January 12-14 Learning to be aline while Jim is in DC with his cousins and Kristal
January 15- Told Jim I lost his headphones and he didn't flip out
January 16- so sick, took off work, spent the day relaxing with Jim
January 17- After taking a day off with a bad cold, I was welcomed back with a very friendly and warm reception.  Then came home to Jim making dinner and thank you Jesus he got a job!
January 19- got to see my Aunt Reyna and our friends Tara and Tre in PA
January 20- Awesome visit with my parents in PA
January 21- Jim's 1st day of work!
January 22- hilarious chat with CA boys about garbage pail kids
January 23- Jim came home to turn on the heat and porch light just so I could come home to a warm and lit house while he was at poker
January 24- came home to a dozen red roses
Janaury 25- Dinner and shopping with Jim.  Relaxing and no arguments- even got him to listen to Christian music
January 26- had an awesome house warming party!
January 27- had a fun day at the mall with Jim and Jester
January 28- Tamirah came back from maternity leave!  And everyone loved my baked goods!
February 1- Mama Perez sends us salsa- the woman is amazing!
February 2- Jim and I had a nice day at the mall and our last dinner with Lia (Chinese buffet) before CJ is born! 
February 3- Ravins win the Super Bowl!  Yay for Ray Rice!  Last time seeing Lia's bump at the party!
February 4- Collin James is here!!!  So scary to almost loss Lia but so thankful she is alive and CJ is healthy!
February 5- Amy took me to Morristwon after work so we can see Lia and CJ.  So happy to hold him and see my best friend!
February 6- Relaxing night at home, alone!  Happy I feel safe with Jim out and was able to get all my Valentine's day prep done!

Clearly it didn't last long- but just seeing these brought back some great memories.  I'm going to try again this year!  I'm shooting for just remembering happy moments as they happen instead of forcing myself to do one a day!  I'll let you know how it goes next year!


  1. This is something I plan to do with my family this year.

    1. That's fantastic! I know I barely made it a month in but it was so great to look back on the good memories! I've already started my jar for this year and really enjoy how it helps me focus on the good!