Thursday, January 16, 2014

Amy the Unicorn

I watched my first Ted Talk this morning.  Well really I listened to it on my way in to work, but it was still incredible!

A coworker, who I actually went to high school with, kept talking about this video. 

"Amy the Unicorn!"
"This guy is hilarious"
"He puts up graphs, just to look important"
"You've got to watch it!"

I yes'd her to death and every morning for nearly a week came in to work having to admit that I had not yet watched the video.  Last night, she text me while I was working a second job (we'll get to that in my next post) to remind me to watch it.  This morning on the way to work I remembered again that I had not watched it and knew I couldn't go in and admit failure yet again.  So I queued it up on my phone and began to listen, and laugh, and be impressed, and wish that I had listened to her last week, or someone else had told me about this when it first came out, whenever that was.

The whole premise is about positive psychology and retraining your brain to look at things from a different perspective.  He's theory on our success to happiness ratio is simple but brilliant and so, so true!  It makes so much sense that it's almost sad that we need someone to tell us that we're doing things wrong. 

He lays out simple strategies which I'm going to view as challenges for a few things you can do every day.  If you do them every day for 21 days, it should retrain  your brain and actually help you be happier because of the way you're viewing the world.  Starting tomorrow I will lay out what the challenges are exactly and I'll be posting about my progress. 

I strongly recommend that you all watch this video!  Listen to it closely.  Listen and watch it more than once.  I truly believe that just these simple changes can have a huge impact on our thoughts and over all lives, and I hope to prove that by applying them to my own life (we shall see how it goes.)

Now, I can not get the video to post here but I can provide you with the link.  So without further ado, I give to you Amy the Unicorn!.

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