Friday, January 10, 2014

High Five for Friday (Vol.14)

Hey!  Guess what's back!  Linking up once again with the lovely Lauren!

It's been a while and if you keep up with my blog you know that things aren't all sunshine and roses right now but this is a new year and I want to start focusing on the good more than the bad once again!  So here we go!

1. The big move!  My company was bought out in October and a log of changes have been going on.  I was moved over to a different department this week- doing the same work but a new location.  I'm in an office of women and I have to say it's quite refreshing after working mostly with just guys for the last 5 years!

2.  Jim cooked dinner twice this week!  Enough said!

3.  I was able to see a counselor on Wednesday.  She let me talk and talk- I was there for over 90 minutes.  She can't keep seeing me because she's out of network, I had a free meet up with her through my specialists office, but it was nice to feel like I'm getting started on all this.  She said Jim and I both should start therapy, so that's the next step!

4.  Things aren't perfect, but they're definitely feeling more on track.  Having more affection has definitely been a bonus!

5.  We started watching Arrow.  It's so stinking good!  Jim and I have blown through the 1st season and we're working on getting caught up on the 2nd season.

That's my week in review!  It's not much but it's a start!  I hope you all had a fantastic week and an even better weekend!

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