Friday, January 24, 2014

High Five for Friday (Vol. 15)

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Happy Friday everyone!  I'm trying to get back into the flow of things and get more regular with my posts again, trying being the operative word there!  It was another week of ups and downs, but isn't every week?  Let's focus on the top 5 ups-

1.  We visited my parents this weekend and it was actually a nice visit!  We finally got to see Saving Mr. Banks (I balled my eyes out!)  I also did some laundry and helped my mom out with her Sunday school class (they are so stinking cute!)  But the best part was....

2.  We went to Jo-Ann's fabrics after class and before meeting my dad and Jim for lunch.  I found some cute things and particularly fell for a little bunny they had out for Easter decorations.  After lunch we went back because my mom was certain she could make the bunny for me and it would be better because it would be color specific, etc... We ended up just buying the bunny but we also bought fabric to make gorgeous custom curtains for my bedroom, living room, and dining room.  I'm so excited!!!  But also so sad because I forgot take pictures of the fabric, you'll just have to wait to see when I actually finish making them and get them hung up.

3.  It snowed like crazy on Tuesday!!!  It stunk but I got to go home early and that's always a nice thing.  But the best part was that the called the storm "Janice" and every time I heard it called that I thought of this...

4.  I'm really getting acclimated to my new location in the office.  I'm still a bit uneasy about my future here but I get along so well with the other ladies in my office, at least while I'm here I can feel comfortable.  Bonus!

5. I came home last night and found a Valentine's tube of M&MS on my pillow.  Jim's trying, it's very sweet.

So those are my top 5.  Hope you all had a fantastic week and an even better weekend!

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