30 before 30

In an attempt to make the most of my last 18 months as a 20 something I made this list.  I didn't get through all of them but I got through most of them and I definitely feel like I made the most of my time.  I've made a list for before 31 as well, we'll see how well that goes!

1. Take a Paining/Drawing Class
2. Learn to blow dry my hair as well as a stylist
3. Learn to crochet
4. See the Wizarding World of HP
5. Get my real estate license
6.  Better relationships with my family
7. Do at least 10 of the craft projects I've pinned on pinterest
8. Go to an NYC parade
9. Go to a big festival
10. Start a blog
11. Watch at least 10 classic movies
12. Tour wine country
13. Explore 3 museums in DC
14. Be in 4 places at once
15. Drive an audi.
16. See Niagara Falls
17. Improve my French
18. Learn 5 ethnic meals
19. Improve my cake decorating skills/take a baking class
20. Be more social
21. Loss weight
22. Make going to the gym a part of my regular routine
23. Run a 5 k
24. Read 50 books
25. Read the entire Bible
26. Find a Church I feel at home in
27. Watch the sun rise on the Atlantic and set on the Pacific
28. See the First showing/midnight showing of a "major movie"
29. Go on a family vacation
30. See the taping of a TV show!

For more info on my list, check out the blog entries I wrote about it. 
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