Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Say what you want to say...

Interesting concept, isn't it?  Just say what you're thinking, don't hold back!  They discussed this on the radio this morning and I couldn't help but think, "if I really told people what I think, I'd have even fewer friends than I already have!"

But really, why are we so guarded and why are we so sensitive?  So what if someone doesn't agree with you?  Isn't that part of the spice of life, that we're all different and don't always agree?  Sure, but at the same time, being brutally honest can be so hurtful.  Even I don't want to admit what I'm really thinking most of the time. 

What would the world be like if we walked around admitting I don't like you, I think that's ugly, you're making a mistake, why are you even trying that, etc...  It would be different and maybe even a bit exciting at times, but really as much as I'd love to just pour my heart out and not hold back, I think it's better to just keep my guard up and think before I speak.

Maybe that's why I started this blog.  Maybe I'll start putting what I really think here where the world can read it, but hopefully the people I write about won't.  We'll see how that works out...

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