Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekend Round Up!

This weekend was fantastic.  It was exactly what I needed to get out of my funk. 

Friday night we went to our weekly poker game and just had fun hanging out with some great people.  Then we headed out to PA to see my parents.

Saturday morning my mom and I went to have pedicures!  I wish I had taken a picture, but I forgot (fail!)  We also got our eyebrows waxed (I haven't done that in months and they looked horrible!)  Then we had lucnh with Jim and my dad, then we went to have my hair done.  I got it treated and colored back to my natural cut with a little trim.  I could not be happier!  I was blondish, redish, all over the place for a while.  Now I'm a true brunette and I feel like me again, but a better version of me.  That is a fabulous feeling!

You can actually see where my hair had grown out and the blond was at the bottom.
Unintended Ombre is my only excuse! 

All one color.  Healthy and shinny, and still long!
Check out those brows, they look so much better!

My mom also surprised me with new shoes!  Glorious, beautiful, much needed new shoes.  Oh how I love DSW!  They were all on sale!

Saturday night we went out with our friends to see a cover band.  The bar we went to was gorgeous and chill, the music was great, and there was a high school 30th reunion going on who let us have some of their food.  I've never had a cheesesteak egg roll before, but they're amazing and I must find a recipe to share with y'all.

Sunday we slept late, treated ourselves to Red Robin thanks to a gift card my aunt gave Jim for his birthday, then headed home.  Jim's car had died on Friday so we had to get a battery for him, luckily Advanced Auto helped us out with that.  Once we were home, I literally put away all our laundry, crawled into bed and didn't get out again until Monday morning.  I watched random TV shows and a few movies, and just chilled.  Ahhhhhh the best kind of Sunday.

All in all it was a successful weekend and I really have my parents to thank for it.  Although I didn't grow up in the house they live in now, they make it feel like home, and there really is no place like home!

How was your weekend?

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