Friday, November 15, 2013

High 5 for Friday (Vol. 10)

Linking up with Lauren, as always!

Its been another long week and I've neglected the blog, I'll try to make up for that this weekend. But in the mean time let's do some high 5ing!

1 & 2. We had our WTF appt on Tuesday. This is 1 & 2 BC 1 they got us in 2 days early and 2 I actually feel a lot better. I feel like err have some explanations, got apologies that I needed, and direction. I'll explain more in another post.

3. 2 friends found out they were pregnant. This is the best news! In this community, the next best thing to getting your own bfp is a fellow struggler getting theirs! One girl had been trying for 8 years, the other just suffered her 6th failed iui and wasn't even trying. God performs miracles everyday and these ladies got to experience that first hand. I could not be more excited for them!

4. Long conversations with my mom. I love my mom, don't we all love our moms? But sometimes I need my distance. This was not one of those weeks. On Tuesday night we spent nearly 2 hours on the phone. It feels so good to have long reconnecting, random conversations like that. Its good for the soul.

5. I'm down right sick right now and I actually had the balls to stay home. Why is this high 5 worthy? Dude, I had a miscarriage last week and still went to work and just dealt with it. It was about time that I realize, I need a break, stay home, and do absolutely nothing (besides watch 24, which is finally interesting to me!) I'm still sick but at least I got a break, sometimes that's the best medicine.
That's my week in a nut shell. Hope you all had great weeks and have a fantastic weekend!


  1. "I'm still sick but at least I got a break, sometimes that's the best medicine." - right; Nowadays people became used to feeling stress. This gives some sort of advantage because someday things will get better :) One quick solution to feel better - relax with some Chillstep like:
    (no spam - my 2 cents :)

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