Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dirt Dessert!

Trying to keep my mind off of my beta test tomorrow so I thought I'd share with a recipe that I actually made on Thursday for Halloween but can be made appropriate for almost any time of year.... Dirt Dessert!  Sounds yummy, no?  Well, it is!  This is a easy and great dessert, especially for kids!  Have fun with it!

Here's what you'll need:

Chocolate Instant Pudding Pack
Milk (according to the pudding pack)
Cool Whip or the store brand, like I used!
Oreo's or the store brand, like I used!
Gummy worms, I bought sour since it's Halloween, I wanted a kick!
Plastic Cups for serving, plant pots are also useful, but that's not what I showed today!

How to do it:

  • Make pudding according to instructions, mine required being whipped with 3 cups of milk for 2 minutes, then letting it stand for about 5 minutes to set.  I put mine in the fridge while it was setting up.
  • Blend in with cool whip.  I don't have an amount because I do it to taste.  Also if you need to make more and don't have a lot of pudding, add more cool whip, it'll still be yummy just not as dark.  A lot of people also put sour cream in theirs, but I feel that makes it too tart.  Plus I use sour gummy bears and wanted to keep the dirt as sweet as possible.

  • Place 15 cookies in a plastic bag and have fun getting to smashing them.  You'll need more than 10 cookies for the entire recipe, I'd say a whole pack in total, but I like to do this by hand instead of with a processor so it's better to stick with small batches. Note:  If you use a mallet like I did, use the flat side, not the sharp side that's shown in this picture.  You will break open the bag and create a mess! 
  • Mix the broken cookies in with the pudding/cool whip mixture.

  • Using an ice cream scoop put 2 scoop fulls of the mixture into each plastic cup then drop in a worm for a fun surprise!

  • Crush some more cookies and sprinkle on top of the pudding, then add 1 more scoop of the mixture on top.  I like to add warms to the top and make it look like they're crawling out. 

Because of the cup size I chose, this only yielded about 10 cups of dirt, but you can use smaller cups.  You can also get adventurous and use a plant pot, like I has mentioned earlier.  When I was younger my mom would make this, and do several layers of alternating pudding and cookie/worms, then cover the top with crumbling cookies and place a full fake flowers for decoration.  It looked fantastic and the worms were even more of a surprise.

Just have fun with it and enjoy!

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