Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Party Planning and Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Y'all, despite my best efforts I was a total "bahumbug" about the holiday's last year.
I refuse to let this year be the same!
I have made plans for Christmas Eve with friends and I'll spend Christmas day with my parents.  Hopefully I'll get up to Connecticut to see my family that weekend or shortly there after.
I have joined the "party planning committee" at work and I'm diving head first into planning our in office as well as the out of office party.  Right now I'm focusing on the in office, which will feature Ugly Sweaters!  I'm so so so excited for this!  I have wanted to do this kind of a party for forever and my friends always poo poo'd the idea so I never got to.  Seize the moment I will!

(Forgive me while I revel in the memories of The Office's PPC)
While doing research for what to wear to this party I came across a couple great sites as well as pinterest ideas that I love and I of course had to share them with y'all!
First of all, we're ordering from this site!  Buy 3 get 1 free, so 4 of us are going to split the cost!  Some of them are so funny (I'm sorry, reindeer getting it on makes me laugh like an immature teenager) but inappropriate for work.  I'll be getting the sloth tee shirt!  I can't wait to get it!

This site also looks FANTASTIC!  It's a little more expensive but so many hilarious options!  
The jumpsuits are hilarious!

Now if you're looking to make your own sweater here are my personal favorites from pinterest:

Do you have a "PPC" at work?  Do you participate?
Have you ever taken part in an ugly sweater party?  Did you make your own sweater
Do you have an annual holiday party that you host or go to?
What's your favorite theme for a holiday party?
Sorry for so many questions!  Just curious what y'all are up to for the holidays!
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  1. I have brought my Christmas sweater. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    1. My head is spinning with ideas! I'll definitely be posting here and on instagram!

  2. Yeah!! party planning is a very difficult job, especially for first timers. As I am also new in this field and was searching for some ideas for planning successful parties. Thanks for sharing such useful information.

    1. Hi Cris! Hope you have a great and successful career in planning! This was just my office party so it's not my career, although I think that might be an enjoyable profession. Thanks for stopping by!