Monday, December 15, 2014


My family is tight knit and fun loving.  We moved out of Connecticut when I was 9 so holidays are the best and sometimes only time I get to see my family.  To say they're a big deal would be an understatement.
There are so many amazing memories flooding back to me right now that I don't know which one to share so I have to pick a few, so please bare with me while I stroll down memory lane.
I actually don't remember this happening, but it's been told to me so many times, I can picture it in my head.  When I was 4, our tradition was for the entire family to congregate on Christmas Eve at my Great Aunt Peanzie's house.  At this point it was my Great Grandfather, who we referred to as little Poppie, his children, their children, and all their children (at the time it was just me and my baby cousin.)  Seeing as I was the only kid, my Uncle Anthony had to have his fun.  I LOVE chocolate and I LOVE my aunt's homemade fudge, but not this year.  This year, my aunt told me it was dog doo doo, and when it was passed around to me I used his wording!  So they put the plate in front of me and I yell, "ew gross!  I don't want dog $hit!"  The room went silent, my great grandfather face palmed his forehead, yelling at my uncle, and then everyone burst into laughter.  To this day, when I'm eating chocolate my family asks if I'm sure I want to eat it because it might be from a dog!
A few years later, my parents had the brilliant idea to take me to Disney for Christmas.  Honestly, at 7 years old, it was the most magical place EVER- probably still would be today.  They were smart!  It was my first flight and my mom was already terrified, and my dad didn't want that to rub off on me.  So we flew at night and they gave me the window, instructing me to watch the Christmas lights as we flew down the east coast.  It was so fun, and I can still vividly remember seeming the twinkling lights from way up high.  But of course, it wasn't that simple!  On Christmas Eve, I panicked because there was no fireplace in the room and that meant Santa couldn't get to us.  Then I realized that he wouldn't know where we were because we didn't leave a note (gotta love the mind of a child) and really freaked because I thought I wasn't getting any presents.  Thankfully, my parents thought ahead, which actually may be bad because that goes to show they expected my bratty behavior, but nevertheless, they thought ahead and brought 1 barbie, which was placed on my night stand with a note letting me know the rest of my presents were waiting for me back home.  They had my grandparents go over before we got home and set up everything under the tree.  They're so good!
And finally, Christmas when I was 9.  At this point, the family had grown and we no longer fit in my Aunt's house so Christmas was held over the weekend and we rented a hall.  I remember my great uncle dressing up as Santa, we played bingo, ate lots of food, and apparently drank a bit too.  A couple of my cousin's got into a heated argument that turned into an all out brawl.  Needless to say, we no longer rent a hall, and have to make it a point to get to individual's houses so we can see each other during the holidays.  I would love to resurrect this party but every time I suggest it, I'm told to "leave well enough alone."  Apparently, some people still haven't gotten over whatever it is they were fighting over.
What's your favorite Christmas Memory?
Have any funny ones?

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