Friday, December 19, 2014

Gifts for the Fat Girl Who Wants to be Thin 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BLOGGING CHALLENGE DAY #7 (aka High Five for Friday!)

Before we get started, can I get a high five for longest blog title ever!?
Ok, thank you!
Now then- part of the blogging challenge is to do a list of gift ideas.  I honestly don't know if this list will appeal to everyone out there but I know that while I'm trying to lose weight these are the top five things that I would LOVE to get this year!  
1. A Bosu Ball I had one work out class with this and it was incredible!  Never have I ever had such a good ab work out, really it was a full body work out.  I love to watch TV so to have this at home, I could make better use of that TV time!
2. Shakeology A friend of mine works for Beach body and sells these shakes as well as the P90X series.  So many of our friends have had incredible success with jump starting their weight loss journeys with these products.  I want to try but it's so expensive!  Really- if I stopped going to wawa and making dumb side purchases, I'd have more than enough money to afford it, but getting it as a gift would also be incredible!
3. Work out gear As I mentioned not too long ago, finding cute and comfortable work out gear at my size (ranging from 1-3X) at an affordable price is not easy.  I've found Wal-mart to be the best for this, check out how cute this outfit is!
4. Fitbit! I don't trust the machines at the gym to give me an accurate account of how many calories I'm burning and I have no way of tracking what I burn while I'm doing weights, so I feel like this is a must!  They range in sizes and shapes, the link is the one that I personally think is the best.
5. Body Wraps I'm seeing a lot of success with these in helping to get rid of cellulite and tighten up that extra skin you have once you start losing weight.  I want to try it!
What's on your Christmas wish list this year?
Have you tried any of these products?
Have any other recommendations for assisting in weight lose?
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  1. I love this round-up! Walmart has great workout gear and honestly, I've found out that Kohls has some great stuff for even better prices. My leggings from there last forever!

  2. I just started with Beachbody and got the 21 Day Fix set. I start it on Monday and I'm beyond excited. I think it's exactly what I need with my busy schedule!