Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Fashion for the Big Girl, always accessorize! 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BLOGGING CHALLENGE DAY #5

I want to preface this post with the fact that I am NOT a fashion blogger, in fact I don't consider myself to be very fashionable in general.  As a plus sized girl I have a lot of difficulty finding clothes that I love and actually look good on me.  However, I have stumbled on to some looks that are particularly flattering, easy on the wallet (!) and will be incredible for upcoming holiday activities.
The best thing I've learned as a "big girl" is that Torrid and Lane Bryant are not our only options!  You can find a lot of their clothes and other designers at places like TJ Maxx, Mashalls, and Burlington Coat Factory.  I cannot stand the idea of paying double the price just because I'm a big girl!  I get that there is more material but come on, fat tax is not cool!  Shopping at these discount stores is much better, getting things marked down to regular prices or even further down when they're on discount, my favorite!
I recently snatched up this dress and LOVE it!  
Sorry I don't have a pic of myself in it, the website pic will have to do!
I'm planning on wearing it for Christmas Eve though, so I'm sure it'll be on my instagram feed!

It fits me perfectly and can be dressed up or down, based on the event I'm going to.

When your clothes don't make you feel incredible, your accessories should!  I've recently fallen in love with metallic headbands and found one in the local drugstore that wrapped around your head so it could create this look:

However, it had a foam/sponge wrapping on the band that made it slip out of my hair and the twisted band that was supposed to be seen kept twisting on it's self and showing the boring underside.  If you're going to go for a metallic look I strong recommend getting a basic band or at least one like in the picture that doesn't have the foam/sponge part- it was a wasted $9.99.  (Of course I can't remember the brand and the wrapping is gone, when I go back to the store, I'll check and post about it so you'll know to stay away!)

Metal Marvels is a fantastic store to get headbands and other accessories from!  
These are my current favorite headbands from their site:

If you're not into headbands but love delicate, and again inexpensive, jewelry like me then you'll love Lauren Conrads collection- LC Lauren Conrad at Kohl's.  I have at least 10 pairs of her earrings, several of her necklaces, and even a few rings.  These are my personal favorite:

And of course, we can't forget the shoes!  DSW and Burlington are my current favorite places to find good deals.  I recently purchased these, but they have studs on them AND they were on clearance for $10!  You just can't beat that!  Plus I'm tough on my shoes, I assume it's because I'm so big, so when I get great shoes on the cheap I don't feel so horrible when I ruin them.

Plus DSW has this amazing section full of boots under $45!  What?!
This is just a sampling of what they have to offer:

What are you wearing for the holidays?
Are you a plus sized girl?  Any tips you have to offer are ALWAYS welcomed!
Are you as big a fan of accessories as I am?

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  1. I love Lauren Conrad! She's one of my favorite designers :) I have an elephant bracelet, and I wear it all of the time!

    1. Oh I love elephants! I have to look for that!

  2. Those headbands are really pretty. So are those red booties!

    1. I'm trying to be more creative with what I wear so I got the red booties- just haven't had the guts to wear them yet!

  3. The fat tax is NOT cool especially on bridesmaid dresses. I paid it twice this year!

    Love that dress.

    1. Oh I know! Me and 1/2 my bridesmaids were plus size chicas so I purposely choose a designer who charged the same no matter the size- Alfred Angelo, in case you ever need to share that!

      Thank you!

  4. I have seen that hairstyle very often. It looks simple to try and do. Need to try this out!

    1. I keep trying and it keeps looking like a mess. I think my hair might be too thick for it! Hope it works for you!