Saturday, September 21, 2013

God is listening

I have to share an experience I had today.  Jim is doing some work at his office today and I tagged along so we could go for lunch at a place near his office (we have a groupon, yay!)  We're sitting in his office and working the laptop when all of a sudden it turns off, I forgot to postpone the windows updates when I opened it up.  His laptop is a bit old and can't handle the updates windows wants to run, so we always postpone it.  Since we have so much going on right now, we haven't put aside money to get him a new one, although he really needs one, especially now that real estate is really taking off! 

Anyway, the computer automatically starts updating right in the middle of him trying to print out reports for the properties he's about to show.  We both panic, since it probably will lead to hours of us trying to figure out how to reset the computer and get it back to a working status, and his clients are coming in about 20 minutes.  He freaks out, as he always does (God, I love that man, but oh does his temper need some work.)  I, on the other hand, smiled, put my hands on the computer and began to pray. 

God, I know You're with us.  I know You're watching over what is happening right now.
I know You have the power to fix this.
Please work with us and work on the computer.
Please get it through these updates and get it working again.
God, I know You have the power and I know You're here to help, all I have to do is ask.
Please God, get the computer working.
In Jesus name, I pray!
What else was I going to do?  I have very little computer abilities and I didn't have any answers.  The only thing I could do was rely on Him to get us through this.  And do you know what happened?  The computer made it through it's updates, Jim was able to print his papers, and he's with his clients as I'm writing this blog post. 
Some may laugh at me because it's such a small and silly thing to pray about, but what else was I supposed to do?  And more importantly, it worked.  God helped us through a tough situation and I know He'll continue to do that.  I pray to God for a lot of things.  Sometimes, I get an immediate answer like I did today, sometimes I'm left waiting for His timing to be right (ie still waiting for baby, come on God, let's get on the same page for that one!) 
Basically, I'm writing this to let you know not only what happened to me today, but to remind you to pray.  Prayer works.  God is with us, and He will take care of us!

Be patient.  Pray.  Our time is coming.  Happy Saturday everyone!  Have a blessed day!

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