Friday, September 20, 2013

High Five for Friday (Vol. 2)

Hello, Friday, old friend, old pal!  Oh how I've missed you!  This has been a fantastic week and I have this post to thank for it, at least partly.  I find that now that I'm writing these Friday run downs I tend to look at things through out the week with a more positive outlook, thinking about how great each little thing is making my week as a whole. So yay for that!  And this is my 50th post, how awesome is that?

Here's the top 5 moments/events of my week:

1. Friday night poker!  I made it into the big monthly tournament that gives you a chance to win $250!  Jim won last month, which was awesome, and was knocked out 7th this time.  I was knocked out 15th, but I was just excited to be in the tournament.  (Here's the final table, smiling for a website photo, so I didn't get their faces.)

2. Game night!  I love me a good board game!  Thank God for board games, because they helped us stay sane when we were stuck in the house during Hurricane Sandy.  Saturday night we went to our best friend's house (Dave and Lia) for a game night.  We got some snuggles in with the cutie patootie, Collin, and after he was sleeping peacefully we pulled out the games.  We played a new game called Imaginiff, which was fun and highly recommended for some laughs with old friends.  Then we moved on to a classic, Balderdash.  Never have I ever played so horribly, I was in dead last place!  But it's ok, it was still fun! (There I am, still stuck on Start, where I was for most of the game!)

3. Football tailgating!  When I tell you that my Uncle and Aunt (in law) know how to tailgate better than anyone I have ever met, I really am not kidding!  We went to the "Manning bowl" with them on Sunday.  We didn't have tickets, but we hung out with everyone in the parking lot and watched the game on the TV Uncle Ralph sets up in the truck.  I even enjoyed a drink for the first time in months!  I did end up with a slight case of food poisoning afterwards and the Giants lost, but the experience was still great!  (Here's Aunt Cheryl in the apron Aunt Tina made her, and my yummy BBQ and drink.)

4. I finally opened a facebook page to promote the blog and also just create a community of sorts for women in similar situation to me.  It feels kind of corny to say but when I was driving in to work on Wednesday my head was racing with thoughts and ideas, and the one that kept jumping out at me was that I needed to share with other women.  This whole TTC journey can feel so lonely, depressing and never ending, I want to stay as positive as I can and help others do the same.  I want to remind others that there is hope, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Instead of looking at pregnant women as the enemy, look at them as inspiration.  They're where we want to, and will, be someday, sadly that day just isn't today.  Please feel free to like and share the page.  I was unbelievably delighted when my friends liked and shared it for me.  It's starting to grow, and I've already gotten to share in some of my friends stories, people I didn't even know were trying, and I loved that.  We will all be fantastic mommies someday!  One friend said this, you won't "find anyone more ready to become parents than ones that are told they have to wait."  I could not agree more!

5. I'm getting a present.  I haven't gotten it yet, so it probably shouldn't count in this week's post, but I just love knowing that something is on the way.  The other night Jim was ordering some stuff he needed for his car and I fell asleep waiting for him to finally pick what he was going to get.  When he woke me up to head to bed he gave me a run down of what he bought, all I remember hearing is "oh and I got something for you too" which he slipped in at the end of the list.  He won't tell me what it is, but I love when he does little things like that, it's nice to know he's thinking of me.  Sometimes he really is a fantastic man!  I really need to give him more credit (I'm sure my previous blog posts don't paint him the best picture!)

It's been a great week and I'm about to head into another great weekend.  Hopefully, I can keep this up, because even though I'm still stressing about baby making (and currently in the lovely 2WW,) I'm a very happy lady!  Hope you're all feeling great too!  Have a fabulous weekend!

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