Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Update- Ultimate Reset day 8

I had planned to post every day or nearly every day on how the reset is going but I am still not used to blogging on a regular basis so please forgive me!

Today is day 8!  I'm down 4 lbs and feeling pretty good.  I still have a headache from time to time, but that could be from work, and I am a little sore, but that's probably from moving.  My biggest struggles are :

1. Watching others eat when I can't!  I'm in a baking group and this weekend we did Cupcake Wars.  I have to admit, I splurged and at the quarter of each cupcake I was offered.  It was delicious, I'm so impressed by these girls, but I regretted it later and I HATE that feeling.  Plus my mom's 60th birthday was this weekend and nearly my entirely family was in from CT.  I had to eat with everyone at the restaurant but at least I made good choices- instead of the cheeseburger I really wanted!

2. Trying new foods.  So far I've forced myself to eat my vegetables which is tolerable but not delightful, and I've tried Braggs Liquid Aminos which looks intimating but tastes nearly exactly like soy sauce.  I have yet to try tempeh, it just sits in my fridge, starring at me, mocking me.  I really should eat it or the beans it offers as a substitute since I'm sure I'm missing out on protein that would be helpful for IDK living... but I can't.

I'm surprisingly not struggling with not having bread or cheese or meat.  I miss it and I'm dreaming of my birthday- where I plan to have steak and a baked potato with cheese and bacon YUM!  But I don't find myself having trouble when I'm home at night and wanting to snack.  In fact I'm generally not hungry and struggle to eat the entire meal that's laid out in the meal plan.  Oh and I LOVE the meal plan!  I mean I'm terrified of some of the things they suggest to eat but I love that they laid out 21 days of meals with recipes and a shopping list, including a "crunch" plan for people on the go or with budget restrictions.

Over all I'm excited and I'm really looking forward to seeing where I'm at when the full 21 days are through.

If you're interested in doing the ultimate reset, check out the details here.


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  1. Congrats on your weight loss.