Friday, May 6, 2016

Calling ALL Teachers and Nurses!

Today is the end of Teachers Appreciation week AND the start of Nurse Appreciation week.

I have a tremendous about of respect for people who work in these professions.

Teaching can be a thankless job where parents constantly complain and children don't behave.  Teachers work nights and weekends, and often have to spend a lot of their own money on supplies and keeping their classrooms running.  They don't get the respect they deserve!

Nursing is also a sometimes thankless job.  Nurses give up nights, weekends, holidays- they miss out on a lot with their families in order to take care of ill patients who's families are not always easy to work with... often times the patient isn't easy to work with.  They're under appreciated and under valued by many, but what they do is priceless!

In honor of these special weeks I'm offering a free gift to any teacher or nurse who purchases one of the following challenge packs from me between now and Monday May 9th.

21 Day Fix is an amazing program that targets every part of your body in 30 minute workouts and gives  solid, easy to follow nutrtion plan to maximize your results.

22 Minute Hard Corps is a Boot Camp styled workout that focuses on cardio and resistance.  It's led by P90X creator Tony Horton, who is hilarious and tough!

Insanity: MAX is from my favorite trainer- Shaun T.  It's an intense series of workouts that are highly focused on cardio.  It's on sale this month!!!

If you have any questions, let me know, I'll be happy to help you choose which program is best for you!

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