Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Ponderings- Why Be Good?

So- I turned 31 a few weeks ago and wrote up a proclamation of what I would do with myself this year.  One of the things I really want to do is become a Proverbs 31 woman.  In my opinion this means being close to God, having patience, being a good wife, friend, daughter, etc... As a part of that I've gone back to reading the Bible, exploring religions, doctrines, and churches, and I'm coming up with quite a few questions.

Welcome- Sunday Ponderings.  (Yay, another series- bare with me folks, I've got a lot to say and apparently it's all gonna come out this summer!)  This is where I'll be laying out questions I come across and possibly the answers I get, but I have a feeling it'll be more questions than answers.  Please feel free to weigh in, I'd love to know what everyone else thinks about these topics.

Today I'd like to pose this question- why be good?

I was joking around with a friend the other day and realized how awful we were being.  When I said "aren't you worried you're going to hell for some of the things you say?" his reply was simple and confident-

No.  All I have to do is ask Jesus for forgiveness and I'll go to Heaven

Well that got me thinking and of course I had to over think it but this is what I came up with-

If all you have to do is apologize for the bad things you've done, why bother being good?  Also, how is that fair?  Why should a thief, rapist, murder ask for forgiveness as they're on their death bed and still get into Heaven, but then someone who works hard, volunteers, is kind, and giving goes to Heaven to?  Are there levels of Heaven like Dante's Inferno where the "better" people get to be closer to God than the last minute believers?

What's the point of caring, being good, helping others when you can be selfish and not worry but still get to see the "Big Guy in the sky?"  It makes no sense to me.  It shouldn't be that simple!  

I feel you should earn your place in Heaven, your chance to meet with Jesus.  You should be good and kind, and help others.  These are things that you should reap rewards for and it's not fair for someone who was horrible here on Earth to receive the same rewards.  

Am I wrong?  
Am I looking at this from a childish point of view?
What's your thoughts on Heaven and who gets to go?


  1. I agree with you! I think that you should earn whatever you get in life, and it's important to realize that. great post!

    natalie :)

    1. Thanks! Although I was raised Catholic, I'm new to all that comes along with being Christian. I'm glad that I'm not crazy and have someone who agrees with me!

  2. Hm... great thoughts. I agree. I hate that people use repentance as an excuse to do whatever they want. I don't think you get as much mercy when you're doing it on purpose and with the intention of repenting afterward to make it alright!