Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Ponderings- Free Will vs God had a plan

Happy Sunday, Friends!  I have a new thought to ponder...

Whenever I get upset or worried about the future I'm told, "don't worry, God has a plan, He knows what's going to happen, He'll take care of it."  It honestly does make me feel better but lately I've had to question that.

I've always been taught that God gave us Free Will- a right or freedom to make choices in our life- and there are many references to our right to make choices in the Bible.

Choose today whom you will service (Joshua 24:15)
Choose knowledge rather than gold (Proverbs 8:10)
Choose good (Isaiah 7:15)

Choices are every where in our lives.  Which makes me wonder- if God knows what's going to happen but we have Free Will, which one is really in control?  If He knows what's going to happen then He knows what we're going to choose. Do we really have Free Will or is God just the ultimate psychic?  

OR are our lives more like the Hindus believe.  A friend from high school once explained to me that according to her Hindu belief- our lives are like a series of train tracks.  We can start at the same point but take one of several different paths, but no matter what you'll always end up at the same place.  

So it's like God decided where we would end up, but we chose our path.  I suppose that would make the most sense but how is it possible that (for example) 3 different reactions could lead to the same result?

Thoughts and opinions are more than welcomed on this one!


  1. I agree- however I do believe that God will lead us to an awesome place, because he does have a plan. However, I believe that in order to achieve happiness, you have to struggle too.

    1. Struggle definitely seems to be part of it! I guess we have to struggle to appreciate where we go, right?

  2. I truly believe that God has a plan for us. I get ask a lot of time why I don't have children. I always say when God think it time he will bless me with one.

    1. I definitely pray that's true because if we had kids by my plan we'd have 3 by now- God definitely had something else in mind for us!