Sunday, June 15, 2014

An Ode to All the Dad's in my Life

It's Father's Day!  A day to recognize not just your dad but all the dad's in your life.  I have so many amazing men who have helped me grow and learn I wish I could give each and every one of them a huge hug and a thank you today and every day.

First and foremost my dad-

This guy is the hardest working man I have ever met.  He gives his all to his work so that he can provide for my mom and me, we've never wanted for anything and we'll never be able to let him know how grateful we are for that.  He's usually locked away on his computer but I know that he'd do anything for us, he's goofy when he wants to be, and he's so fun when he finally relaxes.  My mom is manic depressive/bipolar and she's literally put him through the ringer over the years- he's truly a saint for sticking it out and staying by her side.

My Poppie, my mom's dad-

The man who makes me laugh and always has a Hershey kiss hidden away.  The man who taught me how to ride a bike, shoot a bow and arrow, and to love good fast boat ride out on the ocean.  The man who shows me how a husband should take care of his wife, work hard, but still enjoy life.  I look forward to his hugs, he's "hey! how you doin?" when I call and see him.  I can't imagine having a more fantastic grandfather/poppie than him.

My Grandpa, my dad's dad-

He was quiet and I didn't know him very well, but he was a hard working and good man.  Check out the tribute that I wrote for him last year on the anniversary of his passing.

My Uncle Anthony- 

The goof ball of our family!  The man who would take me doll and shoe shopping as a kid, and taught me to use a gun.  The man who always promised to beat up anyone who messed with me, and would watch me while my mom was sick and play concentration until I fell asleep.  The best uncle a girl could ask for!

My Uncle Dave-

The man who married into our family but always felt like one of us.  He would take me on dates with my aunt when they went to Milford Red (a local game place) and Friendly's for ice cream sundaes.  We used to wrestle and watch movies and play basketball.  He and my aunt (pictured, who would kill me if she saw this!) taught me to love Disney and always be a kid at heart.  He's an even more amazing father to his 3 girls and such a blessing to our family.

My Uncle Phil-

My dad's little brother has turned into an amazing father and leader in his local Synagogue.  I'm ever impressed by how he's taught his children to have faith and be strong in their beliefs.  He's sarcastic, but funny, and sometimes a little tough on me, but I appreciate it because it pushed me to work hard in school.

My Uncle Ernie-

The family chef!  Another man who married into our family but has always felt like one of us.  He's strict and by the book but he is fun and lively.  I love how he's so open to share in my Aunt's Jewish faith but still holds on to his Christian traditions.  His son Michael is very lucky to have such a good role model to look up to as he becomes a college student.

My father in law- Jim Cook Sr.

Oh this wild man!  He stepped up and kept his kids together when their mother walked away.  He's worked hard and always done everything that he could.  He may not have much but what he has he would give away in a heart beat if it would help his kids.  He taught Jim a lot of bad things but also so many good things.  He's funny and opinionated and is the ultimate reminder that there "is never a dull moment."

(Jim's Uncle Ralph)

The most laid back man I've ever met.  He just goes with the flow and let's things happen but oh watch out when he gets mad he means business.  Another hard worker but lover of fun.  There is no better place to be than with him for summer bbqs, fall football games, and any holiday.  He loves with all his heart and has welcomed me into his home and family from day one!

Dave- Jim's best friend

You never know how loving and caring a man can be until he becomes a father.  Dave isn't a father figure to me but in some ways he is to Jim.  He's always setting a good example just by doing what comes naturally to him.  I'm proud to say his my friend, my best friend's husband, and the father of my favorite little boy.  I hope and pray that Jim is watching and learning so that he'll be just as good at being a daddy.

My husband- Jim

He's technically not a daddy yet, unless you count our angel baby, but I know that he'll step up and figure it out when the time comes.  It's been a rocky and tumultuous few years but he's making great strides in going in the right direction to be able to provide and care for a family.  Maybe next year we'll be celebrating your first father's day, my love...

How was your Father's Day?
What do you love most about the Dad's in your family?
Did you do anything special for the men in your life?

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