Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello, May. Please be good.

It's May! One of my favorite months! It seems to be sunny but not hot, flowers are blooming, allergies are in full affect- it's just so much fun!  It's time for everything to be fresh and new!

April's A-Z blogger challenge was a complete flop on my end.  I thought it would be a great distraction from everything I thought I was about to go through with Jim but now that we're working on things I haven't had much time for blogging- a very good "problem" to have.  Alas, I will try again next year.

Thank you to any and all followers (especially new followers from A-Z) for sticking it out with my ups and downs.  I'm sure you're not getting what you expected from my blog, or really what you want from any blog.  I'm still all over the place, as I suspect I always will be.  As much as I'd love to grow and blossom into a beautiful, well written, well read blog, I know this will continue to be more of a journal/personal blog, and I think I'm ok with that. 

I considered doing a challenge in May but seeing as how that so completely fell apart in April, I'm only going to "challenge" myself this month.  Challenge myself to find focus, find a routine, and just get back on track.  Perhaps I'll do another challenge in June but I'm not looking that far in advance right now.  I'm just focusing on spring and enjoying what feels like a season of renewed life.

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