Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dangers of being a good Employee!

It used to be highly recommended to be a good employee.  You get promised things like bonus's and promotions and it makes your parents proud.

But what about the draw backs of being a good employee?
  • no lunch
  • everyone goes to you for help, taking away from your own work
  • no lunch
  • everyone walks all over you because they know you'll do it
  • no lunch
Are you seeing the trend here?

Really my point here is that being a good employee is important, if not essential, to your career and lively hood.  But it sucks when it leads to issues like I've listed above. At my last job I never took a lunch but I had time to walk around and take mini breaks so it made up for it.  This new job is INSANE in the MEMBRANE!  I never have a moment to breath- which is awesome because before I know it it's quitting time.  But it also sucks because I'm hungry and I've really got to pee!  And when the heck am I supposed to blog, I mean come on! (Just kidding... kinda!)

I finally put my foot down today and took a lunch, though it was at 12:45 instead of 12 and then cut short by my direct sales rep coming back from lunch at 1:10 but I logged off the phones and live chat, and I ate at a normal time (yesterday I ate around 3:30 while muting clients on the phone.)

I appreciate the job, the experience, and most of all the money, but boy oh boy is being a good employee a dangerous occupation.  

(Just as a disclaimer, I know it's not really dangerous and there are actually dangerous occupations which I respect and appreciate greatly, just had to get these thoughts out there.)

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  1. Yes.

    I feel for you, and all I can say is that you need to say no once and awhile. "Can you check this person's work for me? No... because I'm not familiar with the project and I am swamped anyways. Sorry."

    Said that enough times. Within reason, it'll sink in and they whoever walks over you will find a new buddy. Only way I've ever regained some control over my day. Good luck!

  2. I feel it's especially hard to tell people no when you've just started somewhere, but you want to remain a good employee (even if it means no lunch sometimes lol). People should respect that you have things to do too. Though that's one of my problems too, I always get called when I'm not in about how to do I'm off today, don't call me haha Just kidding, it's usually easy to help someone out but there are times when I just have to step back and say I'll deal with it when I'm actually AT work.


    1. Very good point! When you're new you don't want to look bad but you do need to set a precedent for the future. Sorry they're calling you on your days off. Knock on wood, I'm not experiencing that... yet!

  3. Being a good employee has its cons, but surely, the pros outweigh them by a ton. Your payback is the fact that you will move forward while they stay behind. In any case, I'm glad that you take your job to heart. Not many employees have the same kind of discipline as you do. I'm sure it was hard to get to where you are now, Jessica. Thanks for sharing that! Stay golden! :)

    Betty Rose @ Phenix Investigations