Friday, May 30, 2014

High Five for Friday (Vol. 27)

It's been a short but busy work week.  Memorial Day was amazing and now summer is essential here (I never go by the calendar!)  Let's celebrate the week with a High Five!

1. This face... yep, my nephew is the cutest and he made this weekend in NJ extra special.

2. It was also awesome to see his parents, and many of our friends/family in NJ.  I really appreciated getting to stay over with our best friends, play games, catch up, and just relax.

3. And this happened...

Nothing makes you more smitten with your husband then seeing him with kids!

4.  I found these and oh my goodness are they delicious!

5. And finally, this happened

BBQ pulled pork french fries!  Delicious!!!  I got to go to dinner last night with an old friend, who's apparently 20 years younger than me- at least according to my mom.  We had almost 4 hours of laughs, which is always a good thing and the most delicious food.  If anyone is in the Bucks/Montgomery County area of PA I stronger recommend checking out The Perk- they have great food, great atmosphere and trivia on Thursday nights!

Another successful week in the books!

How was your week?  
How was your Memorial Day?

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  1. Cake M&Ms? Must get now.... Glad it was a good week!

    1. I was surprised by the consistency! It still is chocolate but some how they got the taste in there. It's very interesting!

  2. Family time is so needed once in a while!

  3. Yay for the weekend! I know what you mean about seeing your husband with kids- it usually melts my heart a little :)

    1. I especially love seeing how our nephew takes to him- heck he prefers Uncle Jim to Aunt Jess lol

  4. I must track down those birthday cake M&Ms - they sound so yummy!

    1. I found them at a local Wawa! Good luck finding some near you.