Monday, July 18, 2016

Renew Yourself

I apologize I have not kept up with the blog- I'm more of a facebook and instagram person but I've set a goal to post at least 3 times a week going forward.  So here we go!


It's time to renew yourself! Find your inner calm, regain your confidence, and take control of your health through fitness and an all around healthy lifestyle!

Do you feel like you've lost your way or need a fresh start? I know how that feels! I've started over more times than I'd like to admit, but every time I come back better and stronger than before. Now I want to help YOU do the same!

Yes- this is a health and fitness challenge but this is so much more than fitting into an old pair of jeans or reaching a certain weight (through away your scale!) This is about renewing yourself! This is about finding your happiness and confidence! Fuel your body as well as your soul!

We will support each other through struggles and cheer each other on through achievement. You will have me at your beckon call whenever you feel like you're falling behind or that you want to quit. I've quit so many times, I know how awful it feels! Call me, text me, email me, facebook me any time, any day! I won't let you quit- I will push you to the finish line!

What exactly are you agreeing to:
*30 day challenge- 1 week of prep, 3 weeks of work
*Fitness program that is done in your home, on your schedule- everyone is capable of making this happen!
*30 days of clean eating, following an easy eating plan. This is NOT a diet, this is learning portions and healthy choices.
*30 days of drinking shakeology- a daily dose of dense nutrition. This will help you fight cravings, get a ton of nutrients that you need, and keep you full!
*Participating in the group- this is a safe place, it is completely private so only group members will see your posts. Feel free to post selfies, videos, memes, whatever you feel like sharing.

We start on August 8th, last day to RSVP is July 30th. Are you ready to make the commitment to renewing yourself?

To RSVP either find the official invite through my facebook page OR drop your email address in the comments and I will email you to get you set up!

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  1. Have a great week. Good Luck with your challenge.