Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Since I haven't posted in over a month I should probably fill y'all in on what I'm currently up to!


I'm currently doing the 3 day refresh to help get me back on track!  After the Ultimate Reset I lost 20 lbs and had a new appreciation for food and fueling my body.  But it did not take long for me to backslide into old bad habits; and gain back 5 lbs.  A handful of women on my team are doing the Refresh before we go to Nashville for summit next week (OMG I CAN'T WAIT) so I figured I'd give it a try.  Today is day 2 of 3 so not too bad, nearly 1/2 way done.  Problem is my facebook feed is full of videos of bacon wrapped everything and amazing baked goods and I am kind of struggling to stay on track.  But I figure it's only 3 days- if I can't last 3 days, I'm not nearly as strong as I thought!  So onward and upward.

I'm also in the 7th week of hammer and chisel!  I'm so mad I bought this back in January shortly after becoming a coach and never actually did the workout til last month!  I was so intimated by Sagi and weight lifting, but I LOVE it!  Ladies, don't be afraid of weights!  We need to do some lifting to get those sexy arms- you know what I'm talking about- who doesn't love Jennifer Aniston's arms?!

As I mentioned before I'm getting on a plane to Nashville by myself for the first time ever next week in order to go to the annual Beachbody summit.  I'll get to meet the majority of my team, many of whom I feel like I've known for years but have never seen face to face!  I'll work out with the celebrity trainers.  And best of all, LEARN about this incredible business opportunity that I've been dabbling in!  On top of all that, NASHVILLE Y'ALL I'M GOING TO NASHVILLE!  This is a bucket list location for me and I am jumping out of my skin with excitement about it!

Also- yesterday was the LAST sneak peek of Country Heat on Beachbody on Demand.  The official launch date is 7/27/2016- NEXT WEDNESDAY and I am sooooo excited!  Here is a little video of me getting my grove on in my apartment last night (I'm not a professional dancer so please be kind!)

General Life:

Life is oh so good.  My boyfriend is incredible and does little things like laundry and fix the shower when I don't even ask.  On Saturday I went horseback riding with some friends and when I came back he had built me a wrack for my weights- again completely unprompted.  Sometimes I'm sad that I didn't meet him sooner to get to love him longer, but all the shit I went through before him has made me appreciate every little thing he does that much more!  

At the end of June we went on a staycation/mini adventure vacation!  We went to a concert, went to 6 Flags Great Adventure, did 3 days in OC, Maryland, a day at Knoebels, ventured into Philly for fireworks (with our dog which was nuts) and again for the art museum, and tried to see our local fireworks in the rain on the 4th of July (we walked to the high school from our place, waited in the rain for an hour, saw nearly the whole crowd start to leave, figured it was canceled, walked back to our place, and heard them going off as we unlocked our door.  I have very bad luck with actually getting to see fireworks, which is sad because they make me so happy!)  Overall, it was a fantastic week!  We had fun on a ton of rides, went jet skiing for the first time, went mini golfing with dinosaurs, had amazing food, and just enjoyed each others company.  Oh and we did karaoke!  Ahhh so much fun!  Here's a little collage of a bunch of things we did:

So that's me in a nutshell!

How are you?  
What's new in your life?


  1. Congrats on your weight lose. I lost a good amount of weight but sadly with my move back to the states I have added a good amount one. Next month I will be officially in my new house. Which my husband and me are going to start doing insanity max 30. Once it arrives in the mail.


    1. That's awesome, Amy! Did you get Max 30 from a coach or just online? If you already have a coach, use them! They will help you so much! If you don't have a coach, and would like some extra support, please let me know!