Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Were you wondering?

If Beachbody coaching is for real or if it's a scam?
I was afraid it was another really difficult business where I had to pay a boat load of money and had to follow nearly impossible restrictions, then feel guilty because the people above me would pickup on me for not going to a meeting or hitting a goal.  (I did Amway about 10 years ago and it was exactly like that!)
Well I quickly learned Beachbody is NOTHING like that!
*Signing up is FREE, when you purchase a challenge pack
*There is a $15.95 monthly fee BUT 
you get a 25% discount on your products so you still save on 
your future shakeology purchases 
(which you will end up getting on Home Direct 
every month because it's amazing!)
*Team Arise is the most positive and uplifting team.  No feeling guilty!  We're allowed to do things at our own pace and when we succeed it's a big deal!
When I was in Amway people who were making a lot of money were off in the distance, I knew them from big conferences but didn't have a personal connection.  Because I couldn't relate to them, I didn't believe I could be successful like them.  NOT SO WITH BEACHBODY!
I'm connected to this team by 3 amazing woman- 2 I went to high school with (Courtney and Eryn) and 1 who was friends with Courtney in college, her name is Rose.  Rose posted this on her facebook wall today:

How cool is this?!  She started 3 years ago, now she works from home, just bought a new home in Cape May, and she's going on amazing FREE trips.

Now this is a huge deal and a far cry from a new coach like me, but it shows me that anything is possible!  Whether it's just covering one of my bills, or being able to quit my job, if I put in the time and the work, it WILL PAY OFF!

Are you looking to make changes?  Make extra money?  Quit your job?

This MIGHT be the right move for you!

Fill out this survey and I will get back to you in 24 hours to chat and see if joining Team Arise is the right move for you!

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