Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Become a Beachbody Coach just for the discount!

Do you enjoy Beachbody at home workouts? Or maybe you love the nutrition that Shakeology offers. Whatever Beachbody products you enjoy, you can start to receive 25% OFF any Beachbody product TODAY!
Why Join Beachbody Just For The Discount?
As a Beachbody coach, you get 25% off ANY order. That’s right, ANY order you place. It can be for a program like the 21 Day Fix, or even something as simple as your daily Activit Vitamins.
The 25% discount is the most beneficial to Shakeology customers. As a discount coach, you can save up to $20 per month on your Shakeology. That’s almost $250 per year for doing nothing but signing up as a coach!

If I’m a “Coach,” Do I Need to Coach Others?
This is probably the most common concern I get from people interested in the discount. They want the discount but don’t want to “coach” others. Just because you signed up for the Beachbody coach discount doesn’t mean you have to actively help coach others. Whether you want to grow this as a business, or just sit back and enjoy the discount, that is up to you. I’m happy with whatever option you choose.
Are there other “discount coaches?” YES! Many people sign up just to enjoy the discount. In fact, I have read that nearly 85% of coaches are signed up just for the discount – so you are not alone!
How Much Does it Cost to be a Discount Coach?
You can sign up for only $39.95. But let’s say you want a new workout program or you love Shakeology, then it’s best to sign up with a challenge pack.
A challenge pack includes any Beachbody workout of your choice, any flavor(s) of Shakeology you like, plus a 30 day free trial CLUB MEMBERSHIP which includes the new Beachbody on Demand.  When you sign up with a challenge pack, the $39.95 sign up fee is waived! The packs are also discounted, so you save over $60+ when you sign up with a challenge pack.
Then, each month it’s just $15.95 to maintain your discount coach status. But guess what? If you’re drinking Shakeology, you’ll be saving $30 each month.
You are under NO obligation to sell or buy a certain amount of product each month.
If you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned, please feel free to email me:

Which appeals most to you?!

Sign me up for the Beachbody coach discount!!
Let’s do this! It’s free to cancel at anytime, and you’ll start to receive the 25% discount the moment you sign up. Plus, you’ll get access to my monthly Drop a Dress Size groups!
I’m interested in more than just the discount!
Awesome!! We would love to have you join our team as an active coach! If you’re ready to change your life and help others change theirs, then you can become a coach on Team Arise. Please fill out this form and I will get back to you within 24 hours with details on getting you started.  


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  1. I haven't done a beachbody work out in a long time


    1. They're fun and make a great impact without wrecking you! If you're ever curious and want more info, let me know :-)