Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What is this coaching "thing?"

Hey all!

The blog has received a face lift to better capture what I'm doing in life currently and more importantly what I'm doing in Beachbody!

As a coach I have had the privilege of:

*making new friends
*rebuilding old friendships
*working on myself- finding my confidence and strength
*working on my health and fitness- I'm down 25 lbs AND I can actually do a burpee, though I still don't really like them!
*travel- going to Nashville in July EEEEEEE!
*beginning to supplement my income so I can pay off debt and save for a house

But this is just the beginning of what is possible!
This is Courtney, a friend who grew up down the street from me and I met in high school when I moved to NJ.  She has been a coach for a few years now and this is what she posted about coaching last night on facebook:

Then there is Rose.  She is Courtney's friend from college and she is the leader of Team Arise.  Last year she built her dream home in Cape May and retired from her full time job as a high school athletic trainer.  This is what she had to say last night on facebook:

Tonight she is hosting a *free* *no obligation* webinar explaining what coaching is all about.  I will be attending and this is your invitation to attend with me!

If you're interested comment below or message me on facebook (link is in the top right corner above my picture) or you can email me @ jcook5909@gmail.com.  I'll get you all the details on how to sign on to the webinar and make sure all your questions are answered.

Can't wait to share this opportunity with you!

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