Friday, April 29, 2016

Being honest- after all, I'm only human!

I am a firm believer in never cutting anything completely out and enjoying food/drinks in moderation.  Since starting my Beachbody journey I've learned so much about portion control, making sure I get enough fruits and vegetables, and I've learned to not rely on sugar to get me through the day.

Every now and again I do have a cheat or "indulgence" meal- we all should!  Enjoy the ice cream, cake, mashed potatoes, whatever it is that makes you happy.  But only once in a while and only at one meal!  Yesterday I had an indulgence DAY!

I woke up, worked out (I'm currently in week 7 of 22 Minute Hard Corps) and had my superfoods.  It was a great morning but then there was free pizza at work for lunch.  And then I had to meet with an executive from a carrier we work with for happy hour.  I had apps, a full meal, and 3 beers.  OY!  Was I bloated, full, and worst of all sluggish!

When I got home, I immediately crawled into bed even though it was barely 8:30.  Then our friends text Eric to ask if we wanted to come downstairs and meet their baby- she's only a week old!  I was literally holding the baby and falling asleep.  He had to make me give her back and take me home.

Then this morning I had so much trouble getting up.  I finally dragged my butt out of bed and did my work out but ugh, it's not 2:45 pm EST and I STILL feel sluggish!

Moral of this story- pay attention to what you eat and how it will affect your body!  It's true that what you put in your body will reflect outside your body!  We need veggies and fruits, and all the good stuff.  I wish I would remember how awful I feel when I eat junk so that when I go on a "binge" I'll stop myself.  I always think about it and then think "I'll be better tomorrow."  Such a bad habit that I still need to work on breaking!  I may be a Beachbody coach but I'm still human, I still make mistakes, I'm not going to be perfect all the time.  It's about balance, not perfection, but oh boy what I did yesterday was not balance!

Have you ever felt so awful just from eating bad food that you struggled to get up the next morning?  What do you do to prevent yourself from too many splurges?

(this morning, after my workout, before my superfoods!)

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