Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Confidence... Or lack there of!

It's been brought to my attention that I have little or no self confidence.
I've been told I'm pretty, I just blush and say "shut up."
I've been told I'm smart, I just shrug and change the subject.
I've been told I'm capable of so much better, 
I hold back tears and stop myself from screaming "how?"

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The other night I went to dinner with a friend and the waiter was extra attentive to us.  I made note that he was super friendly and my friend laughed at me and said "he totally wants you."  What?  No one wants me!  That's just absurd.  The waiter was hot and way out of my league, there was no way in hell he was interested in me.  But my friend still insisted that was why we received the service that we did.
The reason I bring this up is because other people apparently see positive qualities in me that I just cannot see.  It frustrates them to see that I lack the confidence that I need to stand up and be strong and rock at life- something I desperately want to do.  So the question is:
How do I become confident?

How do I see the beauty that others see, when all I can see is the lumps and rolls that I attempt to cover in my clothes?
How do I believe in my intelligence, when I feel like every other thing I say is stupid or crazy?
How do I take life by it's horns and show it who's boss, when I feel completely lost and uncertain?
How do you find confidence?
What can I do to see what other people see in me?

In search for the answer I found this article but 
I'm very curious to hear what y'all have to say on the subject. 
What are you most confident about?
What do you do to build your confidence?

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  1. I have the same question: how do I become confident? I see it in others and it seems to come so easy and naturally to them yet I struggle with acknowledging even the slightest good quality I have.

    I love that you put this out there.

    1. It's absolutely a struggle for me too- obviously! Hopefully some good comments and ideas will come along for us to use and build ourselves up! We're amazing! We should know that!

  2. Same! I struggle often with self confidence in many different areas of my life and always wonder how it seems so effortless for some people. I think a part of it came from being raised to be humble but self confidence should be separate from that and I'm trying to learn that if I don't have confidence in myself, no one else will either!

    1. Such a good point! I was always raised to be modest and humble but that shouldn't mean that I can't be confident and recognize my strengths instead of harping on my weaknesses. It's so frustrating!

  3. It's hard to tell someone to be confident, but all the nice things the people in your life are saying about you should tell you something! I've also been told I don't take compliments well, but I'm trying to work on that. It's not easy!

    1. I'm awful at taking compliments! It's not easy!

  4. I think it's a work in progress for most of us.