Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bad dreams

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My mind really messed with me last night with the worst dream I have EVER had!
I was at a friends house.  The friend is someone I know in PA who lives in a house, but in the dream his home was a high rise apartment in Bayonne, but for some reason we could very clearly see the Statue of Liberty from his windows- much more clearly than would actually be possible from Bayonne.  

I was there with another friend and we were watching the news.
A "breaking news" alert came on and showed the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben being blown to smithereens!  Me and the other friend freaked out!  The person who's home I was in is actually in the military and laughed at us, insisting that it must be a prank.  As he was laughing we started to hear whistling and the apartment started to shake.  We looked outside and the town was being blown to pieces and we watched as the Statue of Liberty fell into the Hudson.

To say I felt panicked would be an understatement.  All I remember after that is the guys pulling me down to the floor to cover me from the damage and then waking up still feeling panicked!  
I've never had a dream so vivid or so emotional before!  I didn't watch anything crazy on tv last night, didn't eat anything weird before bed either!  

I think all these news of wars and ISIS is really starting to get to me!  

Has this happened to anyone else?

And now for your viewing pleasure a few photos that reminded me of this awful dream!

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  1. Oh geez...I've had dreams like that before. I'm sure it's all the bad stuff in the news. thank goodness it was just a dream!