Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas with the Cooks

It's possible, I may have gone overboard with decorating this year!  I'd like to take you on a tour and show you everything we've/I've put up.  Please excuse some of the pics, I love my apartment but it desperately needs updating, and it's hard to keep Jim from being messy.  With that being said, welcome to our home!

Front Door wreath, the beginning of a lot of Giants paraphernalia!

Apartment door

Dining room chandelier, the balls are uneven but I don't care!
Dining room table
Dining room corner, Jim loves his skulls!
Coffee table with the new nativity, and the love seat.

Close up of Santa.  He's so old but he still dances, I love him!

The nativity my parents bought for us.  It's so cute!  I'm so excited, I've wanted one for a while
The side table
Entertainment center and our tree (please excuse all the wires!)
The tree!  I love that our topper is a Rutgers Santa hat!  Can you see all of the Giants/Mets ornaments?
Close ups, love the little present tree
C is for Christmas, Cookie, and COOK
The Christmas village.  I need to put something on top and I can't decide what, suggestions?
The kitchen is even taken over (please excuse the table, it's old and stained!)
Close up of the salt and pepper kissers!  I love them!  My nonnie bought them for me last year and I forgot until I started unpacking everything, they were such a great surprise!

Well that's it for the Christmas tour!  The only none Christmas decorating is in the bathroom and our 2 bedrooms, so I spared you any pictures of that.  Thanks for coming along and joining in the Christmas spirit!

Also I'd like to note how ironic it is that we don't plan to do Santa for our kids and yet I'm obsessed with Santa.  Not including ornaments there are 7 Santa's scattered around my house right now.  Our kids will definitely know about the fairy tale of Santa, just like they'll know about Rudolph and Frosty, but they won't believe he's real, they won't demand presents, and they won't loss any of the fun or magic that is Christmas.

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