Welcome to "From Baking to Burpees!"  I'm Jess, I'm 32, and I'm a customer support supervisor at a moving company just outside of Philly.  But that's the boring side of me!  The fun side is an emerald Beachbody coach who loves to bake and help people!  I'm slowly learning how to blend my love of baking and cooking, and eating in general (haha) with my new found love of working out and taking care of myself.

I've been overweight my whole life- no joke I was born weighing in at nearly 9 lbs!  My mom jokes that in the nursery I was the only baby on my belly looking up over the other babies and could have beat them up.  (Thanks, mom.)  Through out my life I've struggled through fasts, through diet pills that made my heart race and my moods swing, through trying nearly every diet I heard of, and finally to "accepting" my obesity.  Honestly, I've never been accepting of it but I learned to kind of deal with it.

In 2009 I married a man I had convinced myself to believe was the love of my life and we tried to start a family.  It was then that I learned I have PCOS (poly cystic ovaries) which can cause trouble with weight gain (or make it harder to lose weight) and can be a problem when trying to conceive.  Again I went back to trying to lose weight but nothing worked.  In 2013 we went through a failed IVF and FET cycle and ultimately in 2014 we ended our relationship- not because of the infertility but because of many other problems.  If I'm being honest, I'm grateful for the struggles to conceive because it's easier to end a marriage without children and I don't have any ties to my ex now.

Fast forward to late 2014, my high school friend reached out to me on facebook and suggested I try some program, I didn't have the money for it or at least that's what I told myself and I passed.  Then February 2015 I found some fitness lover on instagram and decided to join her challenge group for the 21 day fix- somehow I didn't realize it was the SAME program my friend Courtney had suggested.  I got the package, joined her challenge group, and started working out.  I didn't realize I had ordered the wrong program, I have extreme instead of "just" fix, and I didn't really fit in with the other girls.  They were all about tanning and duck faces, no offence to that but it's just not me. So even though I was feeling better and my friends said they saw a difference in my appearance, I quit when the challenge group was over.

Through out the year I watched Courtney pay off bills, pay for her wedding, and conceive her first child, all with the help of beachbody (well maybe not the baby.)  I also saw our other friend, Eryn, join in on this beachbody "thing" and watched her have amazing results and begin her own business.  In November my boyfriend and I looked into buying a house with the aid of inheritance money I received from my grandparents passing.  Even with that money we didn't have enough credit to buy a house in our area (I promise we were not looking for anything special, we just live in a very high priced area and both have a rough credit history.)  I was fed up and pissed off!  Eryn invited me to another challenge group and I had been listed as "interested" the whole time.  The night before it started I messaged her that not only was I participating but I was going to sign up as a coach as well!  She wasn't expecting that and neither was I, but I needed to do something for my body and my finances and this was it.

So there you have it.  This is how I started in beachbody.  I'm now down about 25 lbs, with about 100 more to go.  I'm making extra money that will be stashed away for credit improvement and a house, and my team is growing.  The purpose of my blog is to share my story- my ups and downs- as well as my love of baking, mixed in with some every day life sharing and probably more pictures of my dog and cats than I should admit!

Thanks for stopping by!  Please feel free to take a peek at everything and ask me anything!  Hope to hear from you soon!

xoxo Jess

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