Sunday, August 10, 2014

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

It has been forever and a day since my last post.  So much has gone on since early July and while I have a lot on my mind and plenty to write about, I just haven't been driven to share anything.  
 But that's all about to change!
Back in mid July, Shane from Whispering Sweet Nothings hosted a giveaway for a blog facelift- something I had wanted for a while but didn't have the money to invest in.  Of course, I entered the giveaway thinking it would be amazing to win but really never thinking I would.  10 days later I got an email saying I WON!  What????  I never win anything!  At least not until recently!  I've been on a hot streak with blogger giveaways and I could not be more grateful, especially for this win!
Today I can look at my blog and finally feel like I've kind of got something special going on here, something that's important (at least to me,) and most of all something I want to share with the world!
As soon as Shane emailed me to let me know I had won, Ashley from The Grits Blog emailed me my questionnaire and bum the ball was rolling!  Having little to no experience in the designer/programmer world I felt a little silly when I simply didn't know the answers to her questions but Ashley could not have been nicer with walking me through each step and helping to guide me to the best answer for my blog.  The result is magical!  The colors are bright, the design is fun, I'm so excited for y'all to see this new lay out and have an over all more fulfilling experience as a blog follower. 

Shane, thank you so much for hosting this giveaway, it truly was a dream from true to win!
Ashley, thank you for being so sweet and kind to me, so professional and helpful, and most of all for making my blog look absolutely amazing!  This has helped to reignite my passion to write, I cannot express how unbelievably grateful and excited I am!

Can't wait to get back in the saddle and start posting regularly again!
Let me know what you think!  I hope you all love it as much as I do!
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  1. Congrats on winning. The design looks great.

  2. I am so happy you love it!! Your words are so kind and thoughtful! Thank you so so much!

    1. I can't tell you how excited I am, seriously, I just keep looking at it and thinking "is this my blog?" I'm such a dork haha Thank you again!

  3. I love your sidebar saying that this isn't your typical mommy blog. As someone participating in a child-free marriage I often worried I would not find my non-mom blogging peers out there.

    I like the name too because it makes me think of Ariel stumbling along on those ... what do you call them. Oh. Feet.

    1. Thank you so much! I never even thought of the Ariel quote but that is so perfect! We tried for kids but it just doesn't seem to be happening so instead of focusing on that I'm going to focus on me- sounds selfish but it is what it is. Thank you for stopping by and checking out the new design!

  4. It looks awesome, Jessica!!! I love the font, especially :) Thanks for linking up today!

  5. lovely design, and post