Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pudding Shots!

Yes, I'm trying to have a baby.  Yes, I shouldn't be drinking, and I'm not.  But that doesn't mean that life has stopped and the people around me aren't drinking!  Tomorrow is my husband's 32nd birthday and tonight we're having people over the house for a celebration.  When my aunt took me to the Bon Jovi concert last month a woman we were tailgating with brought pudding shots.  I was told that from now on I'm expected to bring these amazing treats to any of our family gatherings.  Tonight, is the first chance I've gotten.  These shots are super easy and oh so good!  I strongly suggest them to anyone as a great alternative to the typical jello shots.
Here's everything you'll need:

1 cup Bailey's (the lady we met used Rumchata and it had a great ginger bread flavor, she also suggested Kahula.  Basically this is what I had in the house so this is what I used!)
1 cup vodka (I used a flavored vodka but straight vodka is good too!)
1 cup milk
2 pudding packs (the lady we met used chocolate but I liked the idea of the vanilla flavor.  I also think mint would be awesome for these!)

Step 1:  Mix the pudding and the milk according to the package instructions

Step 2: Add in the alcohol

Step 3: Put in the shot cups.  I bought cups that are slightly larger than regular shots because I like to serve them with spoons so they're like little desserts.  It's easiest if you use a ice cream scooper to get the liquid into the cups, but you can use a spoon or a measuring cup.

Step 4:  Freeze!  Leave them in as long as you like.  Obviously, the longer you leave them in the harder they'll get, but they'll never be completely firm because of the alcohol.  I left mine in for about 2 hours.

Step 5:  ENJOY!

Mine are a little messy because I was rushing, but they were still delicious! 

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